Pretty Middle Aged Woman With Nice Hair

5 Ways to Have Voluminous and Gorgeous Hair in Middle Age

Even at middle age and onwards, you still have a way to make your hair look gorgeous and full of volume.

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Middle Aged Woman With Great Hair

As you age, one part of you that will most likely change is your hair.

You will notice it beginning to lose the thickness and volume that you loved about it when you were still younger.

In some cases, the primary causes of hair thinning include genetics, nutritional deficiency, and poor diet.

Aging can also lead to hair thinning.

Why does it happen?

Are there ways to still add volume to your hair and make it look beautiful once again once you reach middle age?

Find out through this article.


Why Does Aging Cause Hair Thinning?


Once you hit middle age, there are things that you may experience – one of which is hair thinning.

This problem does not only affect men.

It affects women, too.

One reason why some women experience this as they age is the change in their hormones.

Note that as you age, your estrogen production will also start declining.

Estrogen plays a major role in thickening up your hair, so the decline in this hormone can also cause the strands to thin out and lose volume.

Another reason is nutritional deficiency.

It could be because your body will also start processing nutrients less efficiently.

This means that some vitamins and minerals essential for proper hair growth, like Vitamin C and iron, will not be processed by your body more effectively, leading to problems with your hair.

Lastly, your hair may thin out because of stress.

Note that aging may also cause your stress level to increase naturally.

If you constantly experience it, then the production of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, may also increase, which can impede hair growth.


How to Add Volume to Your Thinning Hair?


Now, what can you do to solve hair thinning as you reach middle age?

Fortunately, you do not have to fret too much as there are a few ways to have voluminous and gorgeous hair, even with middle age hair.

Five solutions we would like to recommend are the following:


1. Style your hair correctly


There’s no single best hairstyle for middle-aged woman.

Just because there’s a bigger number in your passport, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have awesome hair.

Here are some styling tips that can help though:

  • Make sure that you style your hair in a way that will emphasize your nice facial features and volumize the strands.

    One way to style your hair to volumize it is by parting it to the side.

    The reason is that hair thinning often occurs around the middle part of your scalp.

  • Another trick is to flip your hair to let it have a side part, leaving an impression of fullness and thickness.
  • When styling, it can also help to use a mousse instead of heavier hair products, such as creams, gels, and serums.

    The mousse works in plumping your hair strands, making them fuller instead of adding just extra weight to them.

Another way to style your hair when it already starts to thin is layering.

You can add soft layers to your hair to make it look fuller and add body to it.

Note that no matter how short or long your hair is, adding even a bit of layering would be enough to remove the heaviness and stress that drastically affect the topmost part.


2. Use a shampoo designed for hair thinning


You may want to invest in a high-quality volumizing shampoo as it is specifically made to add volume to thinning hair, especially the one experienced by middle-aged women.

Note that as you age, your hair will also produce less oil.

This can lead to dryness that may eventually result in your hair becoming frizzy and more prone to breakage.

In that case, you need the right volumizing shampoo – one that will not strip your hair of its remaining natural moisture.

When searching for the best volumizing shampoo, make sure that you go for one that is free of alcohol and sulfates.

Pair it up with a silicone-free volumizing conditioner, too.

The products you decide to use should be devoid of alcohol and sulfates and because even with their ability to provide shine, such results are only short-term.

These ingredients can even be harsh for thinning hair, causing their natural moisture to get diminished.

It also helps to combine the use of a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner with the following tips:

  • Include hair treatments rich in protein in your regular routines.
  • Massage your scalp – Note that a good scalp massage can stimulate hair growth, especially if you use nutritional oils, such as jojoba, olive, and coconut oils in the process.
  • Use topical medication – One example is Minoxidil.

    These topical medications are made in a way that can encourage regrowth.

    They are also easy to use as you just need to rub the product on your scalp.

    They usually provide results within twelve weeks or so.


3. Be gentle on your hair


Hitting middle age is also the time for you to give your hair extra care and attention.

However, this does not necessarily mean you should give it harsh treatments.

As a matter of fact, it is time to lessen the frequency through which your hair gets exposed to harsh treatments, like those that use heat.

This means avoiding straighteners and curling irons.

Style your hair without using these heat treatments as much as possible.

That way, you can try saving the moisture that is left.

Also, once you notice that your hair is already beginning to thin, do not try to worsen the situation by adding more pressure to it.

Do not pull it out.

What you have to do, instead, is to be gentler whenever you brush or style your hair.

You can also give your hair gentle care and attention with the help of the following:

  • Invest in a wide-toothed comb – Use it instead of the usual brush as it is gentler when it touches your hair.
  • Work out on tangles gently – Avoid pulling out your tangles and adding more pressure to your hair.
  • Avoid hairstyles that pull back your hair too tightly – This means avoiding tight ponytails and buns as much as possible since such styles may only put additional stress and pressure on your already delicate hair strands.

    Try loosening up the style to preserve the health of your hair.

Doing all these tips will pay off in the end since they can help restore your hair’s volume and beauty.


4. Use the right hair serum


A hair serum refers to a hairstyling solution which improves the look of your hair while keeping it healthy.

You can use it to treat your hair at a surface level instead of just targeting the cuticles.

What is great about a high-quality hair serum is that it also creates a protective layer surrounding your hair shaft.

It serves as a shield against the negative effects of the environment, as well as harsh chemical products and heat treatments and styling.

Aside from that, it can curb frizz and reflect light, which can improve the shine and texture of your hair.

It plays the role of a quick hair solution, which also makes it a great alternative to deep hair conditioners.

When selecting a good hair serum, make sure to go for one containing the right ingredients – those proven to give your hair the nutrients it needs.

Some of the anti-aging ingredients that you have to look for in a hair serum are:

  • Caffeine – This hydrating and skin-thickening ingredient is beneficial for your hair.

    It can stimulate your hair follicles and increase your existing strands’ diameter.

  • Niacinamide – This water-soluble B-vitamin is also a great addition to a hair serum as it aids in rebuilding keratin in the hair.

    With that, expect it to offer adequate support in making your hair follicles function at their best.

  • Panthenol – This ingredient is helpful in strengthening your hair, making it more resilient from breakage.

Other ingredients that make a hair serum even more effective are ginger, which nourishes and softens strands, kelp extract, which supplies your scalp with essential vitamins and minerals, and Ceramide-NG, which preserves natural moisture, thereby keeping your hair shaft protected.

Once you find the most suitable hair serum for you, make it a habit to apply it on dry or wet hair once daily, so you can finally take full advantage of its positive results.


5. Improve your lifestyle


You can also preserve your hair’s beauty and volume for a long time by ensuring that you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

This is more important this time around as you are now at the age when you need to take more care of yourself.

The good thing about sticking to a healthy lifestyle is that it will positively impact not only your hair and outward appearance but also your insides since you will be healthier.

One thing that you can do is to eat hair-healthy foods.

Note that your diet plays a crucial role in improving the health of your hair and strengthening each strand.

Among the foods you should focus on are those that can supply your body with healthy fats and protein.

Some foods designed to stimulate beautiful hair growth are those that are rich in the following nutrients.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – Increase your intake of foods rich in healthy fat, like sardines, avocados, salmon, and walnuts, to support your goal of improving the health and look of your hair.
  • Biotin – You can get this essential B vitamin from meat, leafy greens, and walnuts.

    It is good for your hair as it can increase the speed through which they grow.

  • Protein – Protein is also one of the nutrients you need to grow gorgeous and thick hair.

    You can supply your body with protein by consuming foods rich in it, like beef, pork, chicken, fish, black beans, dairy products, chickpeas, and tofu.

  • Vitamin D – Being deficient in Vitamin D can also lead to hair loss and thinning.

    With that said, you need to start making foods with high Vitamin D content, like cheese, beef liver, fatty fish, egg yolks, fortified foods, and mushrooms, a part of your diet.

    You should also get it from the morning sun.

Apart from improving your diet, it also helps to take in hair and skin supplements.

You can find over-the-counter supplements mainly built to strengthen and fortify your hair.

Just ensure that you choose one that is safe and suitable for your present condition.

One great example is a collagen supplement designed to stimulate the production of collagen within your body.

It can improve not only your hair and scalp but also your skin.

In addition to proper diet and supplements, you should also try to avoid stress as much as possible.

Get sufficient sleep and learn some stress reduction techniques, like meditation.

That way, your hair will not be drastically affected by your high levels of stress and worries.




Even in middle age and onwards, you still have a way to make your hair look gorgeous and full of volume.

With the simple tips here, you will be on your way to enjoying glorious years ahead with the confidence brought on by your beautiful and healthy hair.

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