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The Repercussions of Non-Compliance with Family Court Orders

Let's look at the new beginnings with optimism, but let's stay smart too.

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You marry your partner to lead a happy life ahead, but not every marriage union has a happy ending, and that’s the reality.

Suppose you both decide to part ways legally and divorce.

You look at the new beginnings with optimism.

However, you again get a reality check when your ex-spouse disobeys family court commands.

For instance, one doesn’t follow the child custody orders for one of several reasons, such as one party getting the sole custody rights if the other parent has been guilty of child abuse or faced imprisonment; the other parent may not give the child.

Many such situations occur when one person doesn’t abide by the laws and makes things difficult.

What do you do if you face any such difficulty in your life?

Law firms like Jensen Family Law in Arizona can help – and we asked them for advice.

Let’s explore some scenarios to understand this aspect better.


Property dispute


Issues occur when people confuse individual property with community or marital property.

Some spouses intentionally hide marital asset details.

Due to this, the legal process becomes lengthy and murkier.

With the help of the family lawyer, you can secure your separate property.

If the other party refuses to follow the court orders, they may face a penalty for disrespecting the law.


Child support


The parents have to pay a certain amount to cover their kid’s healthcare and health insurance costs.

If anyone doesn’t follow the order, a judge can order a jail sentence for the offender until they pay full or some portion of the amount as directed by them.

It’s not a criminal case, though.

Some people stop working to avoid their child support responsibility.

But they need to realize that arrears accumulate, which they need to pay eventually.

If the court finds out a capable person is not working deliberately, they may face jail for this.

Or some people may have genuine financial problems.

Still, some states (i.e.

Arizona) have very strict law that requires one to fulfill their responsibility.

If you need help, you can talk to your family law attorney to help modify the terms instead of not paying the amount.


Spousal support


Please avoid paying less or nothing – it can affect you.

Not meeting court orders, in this case, can also land you in jail and cause other penalties.

So, you must pay the amount to your spouse as required by the court before taking care of other bills.

Still, if there are genuine reasons for non-payment, you can seek your lawyer’s help to modify or terminate the spousal support payment.


Various situations are there where one person can deny their responsibilities.

Whether you or your partner, seeking assistance from a family law expert can be best.

They can guide you properly.

If you have any confusion, they can clear that too.

Remember – since divorce often tends to be a bitter experience, one needs time to recover.

Those who part ways maturely enjoy their lives after legal separation.

However, others may still struggle to cope with their emotions, stress, and new responsibilities.

So, if you feel weak or require legal advice, get in touch with your lawyer.

If you experience negative emotions that are very strong, seek mental health help too.

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