How To Stop Being Indecisive

Can’t ever decide what you want for dinner?

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Updated on December 16, 2022

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Are you someone who struggles to make decisions?

The inability to make your mind up can be a serious character flaw… A flaw that you must overcome in order to become a better person and truly get the most from life.

To begin with, realize that by being indecisive you will miss out on a lot in life. Opportunities will pass you by without you even knowing it! Life is fast and it isn’t going to wait around for you. This is why it’s important that you make your mind up, and learn how to stop being indecisive to make decisions quickly and effectively.


How To Stop Being Indecisive – For Good!


1. What it means to be indecisive?


When someone is being indecisive, it menas they have trouble choosing one options, when presented with two or more. An indecisive person can be negatively called as shilly–shally – (adj) irresolute, vacillating.


2. Is it good to be indecisive?


Unfortunately, indecision is rarely seen as a good trait.

There are different types of decisions. Those that involve only yourself, and those that involve other people. If your decision involves other people, indecisiveness can eventually affect your relationships with those people.

The last thing you want is to become known as an indecisive person. Unfortunately, indecision irritates people and makes them less likely to want to be around you. If they always have to wait for you to make up your mind, then eventually they will begin to see you in a negative light.


3. What is the root cause of indecisiveness?


Believe it or not, It was hard for me to decide how to name this section. I’ve been deliberating between:

  • Why is making decisions so hard?
  • Why do I struggle with indecision so much?
  • Why can’t I make simple decisions?

… And it took me about 10 minutes to finally understand that there is no big difference between all of them.

The inability to make decisionsusually from fear – the fear that you will make the wrong decision. If that’s your case, you have to overcome this fear and the one thing that really helps with it is realizing that things are not always as important as you think they are. If you’re prone to negative thinking, it might be that you’re simply always focused on the possible outcome. You have to stop being afraid that you’re going to make the wrong decision.

Now, another big reason why people are indecisive around others is mostly out of a sense of politeness. They are shy and don’t want to intrude on anyone, or they simply don’t have the confidence to speak up.

Indecisiveness can also come from procrastination – the enemy of good decision making. People either can’t decide because they’re scared, or because they would rather put something off. But by putting something off, you won’t make it any easier… In fact, you are only making things worse for yourself.

By putting off the decision you are only keeping yourself in a state of pain and unhappiness. So make the decision and get it over and done with. The sooner you tackle the problem, or make that decision, or get it done – the better. Trust me, you will feel so much better afterward!

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4. Is there a disorder for being indecisive?


According to Wikipedia, there is, in fact, a disorder for that: “Aboulomania is a mental disorder of pathological indecisiveness. It is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression, and mental anguish, and can severely affect one’s ability to function socially”.


5. How do I stop being so indecisive?


The way to stop being indecisive is to catch yourself whenever you are overthinking things – and give yourself just a short time to make a decision and move on with it.

Remember, most indecision comes from fear. You are afraid of making the wrong choice. Understand that a lot of the time it really doesn’t matter.

Woman Driving On Her Bicycle In A Park

Yes, quite often the choices you have to make are critical. But if it’s something minor, like deciding which restaurant you want to eat at, then it really isn’t that important. Make a choice and get on with it. Other decisions are more important, such as deciding where you want to go to college or whether you should take that job offer.

In this case, you need to gather information about your choices. You need to get as much information as you can about what’s available to you, and then base your decision on that information.

Stop putting it off – it will just make it harder! Sit down and draw up a list of the pros and cons of both choices. Really think about it and before long you will be able to come to an informed decision.


6. How do I know I’m making the right decision?


As mentioned before, you can analyze all the pros and cons, and weigh your decision to make sure it’s good for you. But you have to remember that ultimately, we can never be 100% sure that our decision is the right one.

Despite this fact, you CAN stop being indecisive, even if it feels hard at first. You might feel uncomfortable and anxious when you have to make daily decisions faster, but this feeling eventually goes.

If you want to stop being indecisive, this is something that you have to work at… The more times you can make a decision quickly, the easier it will become and before you know it, this problem will be a thing of the past!

When that happens, you will be a far happier and more content person. You will have gained the ability to quickly make decisions and feel good about them. Isn’t that what we all could benefit from?

Therefore, it’s really all about building this habit within yourself. Getting into the habit of making lots of decisions quickly and then forgetting about them… And like every habit, the more you practice decision-making, the better you will get at it.

So, practice making decisions and make more of them more often! Have the courage the speak up for yourself, go out into the world, and make up your mind. With a little practice, you can master this habit and stop being indecisive for good.

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I hope these tips have shown you how to stop being indecisive and live an easier life.


The decisions are always in your hands – make them, and be proud of them!

P. S. If you liked these tips, do scroll down below for more!

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