5 Real-Life Productivity Hacks That Help You Get Things DONE

I use these productivity hacks every day to get a wild amount of work done.

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Updated on May 8, 2023

Drinking Coffee As One Of The Most Effective Productivity Hacks

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If you need to get something done but find yourself googling for inspiration and motivation tips just to get started… You’re in the right place.

I used to spend hours on the internet, trying to find that secret that would make me suddenly become extremely motivated and productive.

But honestly, I haven’t found it yet.

In fact, I think that there aren’t any real “secrets” when it comes to being productive…

But there are some things that can really help you to be more productive and crush those tasks easier.

Today I want to show you 5 real-life productivity hacks that I use myself whenever I have tons of stuff to do.

I call them “real-life” because they aren’t just motivational fluff you can find everywhere else… These are rather real, actionable tips you can take and try out right now.

I can guarantee that at least one of these productivity hacks will boost your productivity and make your work easier or more enjoyable.

Let’s dive into the power of productivity hacks – time to skyrocket your abilities!


Easy Productivity Hacks To Help You Get Things Done


1. Start With a Cup Of Coffee


You have probably expected to find coffee on this list, and it certainly deserves to be the first tip because coffee is one of the safest, cheapest, and naturally energizing productivity hacks.

It offers a nice boost to your whole body so it would be crazy not to use it!

Before you sit down to do any work you have, brew a cup of fresh coffee and consider it your preparation ritual.

Once the cup is empty, you will feel your energy levels rising and it will be a lot easier to start your task.

Now, if you’re prone to anxiety (as I am as well!) you might have noticed that coffee can sometimes make you anxious.

And it is true – some people are more sensitive to caffeine and it can, in fact, induce a little bit of anxiety.

Here’s how to avoid that – instead of drinking one cup of strong coffee, make coffee that is very light and have several cups of it per day.

A gentle coffee will still offer you a nice boost but it will not be big enough to induce anxiety.

Since it will also fade faster, feel free to simply make another cup after a few hours.

This way you’re keeping a steady and gentle flow of caffeine that is not overwhelming for your body but also helps you stay energetic.

I usually drink 2-3 cups of lightweight coffee per day and never get coffee-induced anxiety anymore!


2. Put On The Headphones & Inspiring Music


Another of my favorite productivity hacks is good music.

I particularly recommend using headphones because it helps you to fully separate yourself from the world around you and focus on the task 100%.

And even the hardest task can feel like flying when you’re listening to something that makes you move with the rhythm!

The bonus of listening to something inspiring is an added motivating touch and it might help you push through the boring, long tasks easier.


3. Limit Distractions


If you are trying to work with the TV on, or your neighbor is cutting grass on the other side of the fence… It will only lead you to a failure.

Distractions are kryptonite to any productivity efforts!

If you want to be fast, creative, and effective, minimize the number of distractions around you as much as you can:


  • If the sun is too bright – close the drapes.


  • If it’s too cold, put on comfy socks and a sweater.


  • If there are too many sounds around – put on your headphones.


  • If you’re too sleepy – do a quick 10-minute workout.


  • If people around you are too loud – ask them to be less noisy.


4. Make a Plan


This one is probably one of the most recommended productivity hacks on the internet.

Making a plan is so important that I have written a separate guide on how it can help you to finish any neglected tasks & projects easier.

I also have a bunch of great free planners that I use myself to make plans and crush tasks fast!

But even when I don’t have any of these at hand, I always make a plan for anything I am going to do because it helps to:


  • See what needs to be done;


  • Focus on the actual tasks instead of mini-tasks that don’t create the desired result;


  • See the progress;


  • Stay calm.


Even simple tasks like cleaning your apartment can feel less daunting with a list of actions you need to do in order to make it happen.

Simply go step by step, checkmark “done” tasks on the way and you will see how easier it is when you know what your next step is going to be.


5. Keep The Energy Steady


Both physical and mental work requires a lot of energy.

Every day people who work in offices get very tired, even though they don’t even move that much… It’s the brain work that draws all the energy out of them.

To keep your energy levels steady, regularly snack on healthy, energizing snacks!


  • Fruits will provide you with natural sugars, which are the main source of energy in our body.


  • Nuts will give your body nutrients that are essential for brain work and energy processes in your body.


  • Something with protein, like edamame seeds, chia seed pudding, and Greek yogurt will help prevent hunger until bigger meals.


  • A little bit of dark chocolate can also help to keep your mood up while you work.


Of course, snacking too often will give you undesirable results (“well hello there, muffin top!”), so stay conscious with your snacking and only snack when you feel your energy starting to fall or when you notice the first signs of hunger.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the whole day and if it’s hot outside – a few extra glasses won’t hurt you either.


Helpful Products That Can Keep You Productive


Apart from the tips above, you can also get a few consumable productivity hacks that help to improve your productivity and prevent energy loss.


Soft cushion air plugs for when you don’t want music, but still want to tune out outside noises


Picture Portraying 5 Real-Life Productivity Hacks That Help You Get Things Done

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs


A natural focus, memory, and brain work enhancer to improve your mental performance


Picture Portraying 5 Real-Life Productivity Hacks That Help You Get Things Done

Genius Consciousness – Super Nootropic Brain Booster Supplement


Natural B12 liquid drops for steady energy


Picture Portraying 5 Real-Life Productivity Hacks That Help You Get Things Done

BestVitality-Natural B Complex with B6 and Folic Acid


A completely pure, antioxidant-packed energy drink mix for times when you need a fast pick-me-up


Picture Portraying 5 Real-Life Productivity Hacks That Help You Get Things Done

Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix


My Favorite Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs



  • Do your least desirable tasks first.


  • Manage your e-mail time by setting a specific amount of time to write and answer e-mails. Don’t spend any more as e-mails can suck all of the time you need for tasks.


  • Be picky about your lunch – don’t eat heavy, big meals at lunch because it will make you sleepy and sluggish.


  • Manage your decision-making – don’t allow yourself to linger on small decisions for more than a few minutes.


And that is it!

These are my real, tried, and true productivity hacks that help me work every single day.

Try applying them whenever you need to boost your productivity and I can guarantee that at least one of them will help you get started, push through or keep going! You’ve got this.

And if you like these productivity hacks, scroll down for more helpful content!

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