How to Find the Right Romantic Partner Who’ll Be a Perfect Match for You

There’s someone for everyone.

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Updated on December 16, 2022

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There’s someone for everyone. But it can take time to find the person who is your perfect match. However, you can more easily find your ideal life partner if you follow these helpful tips.


Consider What You Want and Need


Many people make lists of what they want in their perfect romantic partner, and it’s certainly a first step worth taking. But before you proceed with your list, you need to think carefully about what you really want and need.

Wants and needs aren’t the same, and needs are more important than wants. So, it can be very helpful to make a “wants” list and a “needs” list.

  • Wants in a partner are typically things like height, weight, hair color, occupation, and financial standing.
  • Needs are different than wants because they’re about the qualities that matter to you most. Usually, that will be things like shared values, a shared sense of humor, a similar level of intellect, and similar life approaches and goals.

One reason why it’s important to distinguish your wants from your needs is that your wants may be limiting you in finding the ideal person.

For instance, when you find someone who ticks every one of the items on your needs list, it probably won’t be very important anymore that they don’t meet all of the wishes on your wants list.

Furthermore, remember opposites can attract. While creating wants and needs lists is certainly a very useful first step to take, be open to finding someone who doesn’t fit into neat little boxes. Someone different from you could end up being the right partner.


Look for Common Interests


While opposites can sometimes work, most of the time, perfect partners share many of the same interests and values. So, it’s a good idea to find out what common interests you share with someone when you go on a first date.

While relationships between people with different interests can work, they generally take more work. After all, when you find the perfect romantic partner, you’ll want to spend most of your time with that person. So, it’s probably important that you share at least some common interests.

Whether your passion is cooking, working out, or watching movies, if you find someone who has the same interests, you’ll be able to share more special moments together.


Choose Someone with the Same Core Values


While you can have a successful relationship with someone who doesn’t have the same interests, it will be even more challenging if you don’t find someone who shares the same values as you. In fact, if someone doesn’t share most of your core values in life, that person almost certainly isn’t the right match for you. For example, if you’re an animal lover, but your partner likes hunting, or if ambition at work is important to you, but your partner is lazy, it’s likely things won’t work out. You want to find your perfect match, after all!

So, sharing core values is of the utmost importance.

Other things that could be important when looking at shared values are religion, politics, and children.


Make Sure You Share the Same Sense of Humor


Another thing that you and your partner should share is a similar sense of humor. In fact, humor is one of the key elements of a successful and long-lasting relationship.

If you and your partner don’t laugh at the same things and can’t make each other laugh, the person probably isn’t your dream partner after all. And if your partner has no sense of humor when you have a wild sense of humor, things will be even more difficult.


Try Multiple Dating Apps


To physically find the right romantic partner, you should explore multiple dating apps. If you don’t, you’ll be limiting your options. Why fish in a small pond when there’s a whole ocean out there?

Furthermore, there are lots of great free dating apps available, so you’re no longer limited to using your desktop or paying for one service to find mister or miss right. Now, you can look for potential perfect partners anytime and anywhere. You could even find the right person while you’re standing in a queue at the grocery store! Get started by checking out these top free dating apps.


Physical Attraction Isn’t Everything


While you will want to be physically attracted to your ideal romantic partner, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only dating people to whom you have a strong physical attraction. Sometimes, people’s personalities alone can make them physically attractive. And the more you get to know someone, the more you could become attracted.

So, again, don’t limit your options. Take a chance on people to whom you’re not instantly attracted. You could feel different after a few dates.

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