Unusual Skin Care Techniques

10 Unusual Skin Care Techniques That Really Work

Cinnamon oil? Okay, I'm in.

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There are countless skin care products on the market, and it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to invest in.

The wrong product can irritate your skin, rather than improve it.

However, there are plenty of techniques that actually do work.

Here are some uncommon skin care methods to help you achieve the radiant skin you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Rose Water


Rose water is a natural way to reinvigorate and tighten your skin.

Spritz some on your face to reap these benefits or add it to your moisturizer for an extra boost.

It contains antimicrobials and antioxidants that help with inflammation and redness and can cool, soothe and moisturize your skin.

Plus, it smells fantastic — who wouldn’t want to smell like roses?


2. Red Light Therapy


Red light therapy reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps your skin repair and regenerate cells.

The treatments are non-invasive and use wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin and light energy to divide cells and encourage cell production.

It improves oxygen and blood circulation, which delivers nutrients to your skin.

Red light therapy even helps with muscle pain and improves your complexion.

You can get this treatment from a dermatologist or a handheld device at home.


3. Epsom Salt Bath


You know an Epsom salt bath helps aching muscles and promotes healing, but did you know it helps release environmental toxins from your skin that you encounter every day?

From the food you eat to the free radicals in the atmosphere, daily life exposes you to these toxins that get into your skin.

Use Epsom salt as an alternative to chemical exfoliants during skin cycling by mixing it with an oil to form a paste.

Epsom salt provides other benefits for your skin, including softening and soothing roughness and exfoliating dead skin cells.


4. Milk


Milk isn’t just good for you to drink.

If sensitive skin leads to redness or irritation quickly, try using milk on a wet cotton ball or washcloth to reduce inflammation.

Soak a washcloth in milk and ice and then apply it to your face to reduce redness.

You can also use milk to moisturize, cleanse, tone and treat breakouts on your face.

It can also brighten your skin and reduce signs of aging.


5. Vampire Facial


Vampire facials may sound creepy, but they have enough benefits and celebrity endorsement to pique interest.

Dermatologists extract blood and put it back into your face to increase cell turnover, fight premature aging and smooth out your skin.

These facials boost collagen and help your skin retain moisture and improve elasticity.


6. Double Cleanse


Double cleansing your face ensures you eliminate all the dirt, grime and bacteria that build on your face.

Removing your makeup is the first step in cleansing — another cleanse removes any lingering residue and addresses skin concerns.

Choose a facial cleanser that matches your skin type, so your skin gets the attention it deserves.

For example, if you have dry skin, you need a hydrating cleanser.


7. Crushed Aspirin


Breakouts can put a damper on even the best days, but there are numerous ways to reduce redness and inflammation from them.

From toothpaste treatments to hydrogen peroxide, you’ve likely heard them all.

Have you heard about crushed aspirin, though?

Create a paste with a crushed aspirin tablet and a little water and use it as a spot treatment for acne.


8. Honey


Honey is an excellent natural sweetener for coffee and tea and provides various skin benefits — who knew?

You can use raw honey to treat a cold sore, heal dry lips and skin and ward off bacteria.

Honey can lighten scars with its regenerating properties and heal wounds and burns.

Use honey to restore hydration and elasticity to your skin and protect it from environmental damage.


9. Cinnamon Oil


Cinnamon oil is excellent for dry lips and boosts blood circulation to plump lips.

It prevents inflammation and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can fight acne.

You can mix cinnamon oil with raw honey for an overnight mask to nourish your skin, but make sure to dilute the oil with another oil or honey and don’t apply it directly to your skin.


10. Ice Cubes


There’s a reason why ice baths are all the rage right now — ice cubes reduce puffiness and inflammation and can lift and tighten your skin.

You can wrap and ice cube in plastic to apply it to your face where you need it.

If you want to experience the effects of an ice bath, immerse your face in a sink or bucket of ice.

Ice cubes have myriad benefits for your skin, but that doesn’t have to involve putting your body through shock if you don’t want to.


Unique Skin Care Secrets


Your skin type can change as you age, so finding something that works for you can be challenging.

Utilize these skin care tricks that work for others to see if they work for you.

Optimal skin health can boost your confidence and overall health, so don’t sleep on these techniques.

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