Hooded Eyes And 5 Makeup Tips That Make a HUGE Difference!

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If you choose to wear makeup you are almost certainly wearing it to look great and boost your confidence. And why shouldn’t you? With that motivation in mind, you want to use all of the best tips to look and feel your best. But to do that, first, you need to know your eye shape so that you can use makeup tips that are specifically for you. Today we share makeup tips for those with Hooded Eyes.


Hooded Eyes + Makeup = Mission Possible!


What Are Hooded Eyes?


Hooded eyes (sometimes called heavy-lidded eyes) have a little bit more skin on the top part of the eyelid, and it folds down from the brown to the lashline, making the lower eyelid partly or fully covered. This can make makeup application for hooded eyes a little bit complicated. Hooded eyes may also appear optically smaller.


What Race Has Hooded Eyes?


While hooded eyes are the most common among Asian ethnicity, they are also common among every other race as well. Different ethnicities tend to make hooded eyes look different on every person and all of them can be magnetizing!

beautiful asian woman with hooded eyes


How Do You Know If You Have Hooded Eyes?


If you have hooded eyes, you might have noticed how the shape of your eyes hides the crease of your eyelid, and how the curve of your eyes points down a little bit. This tends to make the eyelid space look smaller. It also means that certain popular makeup looks won’t look as great on your eyes. Don’t fear though, there are plenty of great styles that will work for you!


Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?


Definitely, yes. Hooded eyes might be harder to accentuate, but when your makeup is done correctly, hooded eyes can look mysterious, seductive, and sexy, just like any other eye shape. And did you know that Miss World 2000, gorgeous Priyanka Chopra also has hooded eyes? It didn’t hurt her abilities to win the crown at all!


5 Must-Know Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


1. There are 3 Ways To Prevent Smudge On Hooded Eyes

… And you should use all of them!


This is your rule number one. If you have hooded eyes, you’ve probably noticed that your makeup likes to smudge because of the shape of your eye. There are three things that you can do to help prevent your gorgeous eye art from smudging.

  • First, prep your eyelids. You can use an eye primer to prepare your eyelids for color. Having something on your eyelid before you apply shadow gives it something extra to hold on to and helps it stay in place.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion perfect for hooded eyes

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

If you don’t have a primer, you can also use a little bit concealer or oil-free foundation.

  • Second, you want to invest in some waterproof makeup. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are way less likely to smudge once they’ve dried, so they are your new best friends. Just be sure that you have also purchased some waterproof makeup remover since not all of your normal makeup removers will work on your new waterproof products.
  • The third secret weapon that you can use to your advantage is a setting spray. Once you’ve mastered all of these new makeup tricks, your hooded eyes will be absolutely stunning and to make it all last longer, you can use a setting spray. To use one, just do your makeup the way that you like, close your eyes, and spray your face with the setting spray.


2. It’s Best To Apply Makeup With Your Eyes Wide Open


Ever worked on a crease that likes to hide when you open your eyes (which makes the eyeshadow you just applied with your hooded eyes closed kind of disappear)? Skip this by applying your eye makeup with your eyes open. That way, you can easily see how it will look.

young asian woman applying makeup on her hooded eyes

This is particularly useful for defining where you want your shadows and lid colors to go. You can plan and apply these base colors with hooded eyes open and then blend them with your eyes closed so that you can get complete coverage, with the colors shifting at just the right place.


3. No Crease? Fake Your Crease!


Along the same lines of keeping your hooded eyes more open, since your crease disappears, you can create the illusion of one instead. There are two ways to create a crease on hooded eyes.

  • The Makeup Way To Double-Crease. With your eyes open, find where you want to create the shadow of a crease and apply a medium shade. This will likely be just above where your natural crease is. Then, close the eye and use a darker shade to deepen that line so that it will look like a crease.
  • Double-Lid Tape. Another way to create a crease for hooded eyes is to use a double-lid tape that is specifically designed to give hooded eyes more crease:

Nuonove double eyelid makeup kit for hooded eyes

Nuoneve Double Eyelid Sticker for hooded eyes

This thin little miracle tape is so easy to use and lasts all day long, so you can go from your daytime to nighttime look without even taking them off!

Nuonove double eyelid makeup kit for hooded eyes instruction

Of course, finish your eye makeup with your favorite waterproof mascara and a good brow, and you’re ready to take on the world!


4. The Best Eyeshadows For Hooded Eyes


Should I Use Matte Eyeshadows For Hooded Eyes?

Especially as you are learning how to use eyeshadow to shape your eye, you will want to stick to matte colors. It is totally understandable to be tempted by the glitter of shimmer eyeshadows but hold off on those for a bit. Matte colors are great for hooded eyes because it’s easier to create a nice shadow just above your natural crease to create a fake crease.

They also help the hooded part of the eyelid fade backward, and your eyes seem more open. You can also help your hooded eyes seem bigger by keeping darker colors to the outside of your eye. Only use light colors on the inner corner of your eyes to keep them from looking closed off and narrow.

Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - Romantic Mattes

Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – Romantic Mattes


Can I Ever Use Shimmer Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes?

Unlike matte shadow, shimmer eyeshadow reflects light and thus makes wherever you apply it look larger. You can use this to your advantage too, but if you apply it in the wrong places, you can make hooded eyes look even smaller and more hooded than they really are. (That’s why you should practice with just matte colors until you get the hang of shaping hooded eyes). Once you are ready to start adding shimmer back in, there are a few tips you should follow!

  • Use shimmer shadow sparingly and only in places that you want hooded eyes to seem bigger. This makes it great for the inner corner of your eye as well as the center of your lid near the lash line. Highlighting both of these places will help hooded eyes appear open and awake.
  • You can also use just a small line of shimmer eyeshadow right under your brow for a highlight there.
  • Be careful not to highlight too much of the area between your eyelid and your brow or you will make the hooded part of your lid seem big and puffy, which in turn makes your hooded eyes look smaller, sleepy, droopy, and even sad.
  • If you aren’t confident about your shimmer placement, go back to practicing with matte colors for a while.


5) Shape Your Hooded Eyes Correctly


If you have hooded eyes, you should familiarize yourself with the straight-line technique. It works just like it sounds, you will blend your eyeshadow in straight horizontal lines instead of curving around your eye. On the inner corners of your eyes, don’t follow the curve of your eye crease down into the corner.

Instead, blend all of the shades straight across. This gives the illusion of more space near the inner eye. On the outside, you will do something similar, but you don’t want to blend too far out. To help you know how far out, imagine a line from the outer corner of your nose up to the outer edge of your eyebrow. Your eye makeup should not extend out past this line.

helpful eyeshadow line info picture of woman with hooded eyes

You can practice achieving this look by using the edge of a handkerchief to create the line, and then blending into it. This will stop the makeup from extending too far out. If you blend in straight horizontal lines and don’t go past this imaginary diagonal line, the finished effect will lift and widen your eyes.


How About Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes?


Your hooded eyelids already make your eyelids look small and downturned, so it’s best to not let your eyeliner and lashes exaggerate those features. Instead, use them to help your eye look open and bright. Many styles of makeup use thick, bold eyeliner, but you should consider using just a very thin line of eyeliner. Using too much creates deep, dark shadows that only serve to make hooded eyes smaller and darker. Leave room to show off your eyeshadow skills by keeping your eyeliner thin.

You may even find that lining under your lash line, or in your lashes, works better for your eye shape than placing the liner above your lashes. Additionally, if you line your lower lash line, be sure to only line just the outer corner. You can even line the inner corner with white or light color to open your hooded eyes up a little more.


Mascara Or False Lashes For Hooded Eyes?


Your lashes are a great way to bring attention to your beautiful eyes. You can easily achieve that by applying mascara to both the upper and lower lashes. As your lashes extend noticeably out from your eyes, it adds to the perceived size of your eyes.

If you choose to use false lashes to enhance your looks, make sure that you are choosing a lash style that works with your eye shape. You don’t want to use lashes that are longer on the outer corner. These lashes are designed for almond-shaped eyes and will only make your eyes look droopy.

pretty long-haired asian woman with hooded eyes

With your hooded eyes, it’s best to look for a lash that is shorter on both the outer and inner corners and longest in the center. Just like the straight-line technique, this will help to create the illusion of a lift.


Do Hooded Eyes Get Worse With Age?


Our skin loses its tone and elasticity with aging, and the skin of our eyelids is not an exception. This is why it’s very important to take the very best anti-aging skincare on and around hooded eyes. Using high-quality serums and creams that are both effective and gentle enough to use on sensitive and delicate eye skin is crucial! The earlier you start anti-aging care for hooded eyes, the longer you can keep them looking young and fresh. And there’s a bonus in that! Taking better care of your eyelids can help to gently lift the skin around your hooded eyes, making them look more open too. It’s never too early for good anti-aging skincare.

RoC Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream Treatment

RoC Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream Treatment


Hooded Eyes Are Beautiful!


Hooded eyes definitely take some different techniques than other eye shapes, but that doesn’t make them bad. You don’t need to skip out on eye makeup because of the shape of your eyes. All makeup uses techniques to highlight and hide different parts of the face, and eye makeup is no different. So, become a master artist and illusionist to show off the beautiful hooded eyes you have in the best way possible. Get to know your eyes, practice these tips, and experiment a little. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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