Done Feeling Shy Around Men? How To Be An Irresistable Woman

Updated on March 23, 2021

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Hey. Are you not sure that you are a guy magnet? Why do you feel that your charm is not enough to attract the men? Why do you still feel shy around the guys you like? It could be other way around. Yes, it really can, and looks have nothing to do with that. And if you are sure that you are a guy magnet already, here are some tips to help you become absolutely unforgettable!


When You’re Done Being Shy: How To Be An Irresistable Woman


1. Have the right attitude


You have to get attitude right if you want to be an irresistible woman. Not all women are born girl magnets; it takes a lot of hard work to become one. But once you learn to be assertive, charming and yes, sexy, men will never seem like a challenge to you.


2. Be accessible


How can a man approach you if you keep on pushing against him and keep him at arm’s length? You will have to learn to be more approachable because once you are, men will approach you. Be the friendly sort of girl who is fun to be with. Smile at the men you want to communicate with and be an active participant in your friendly, professional or romantic relationship.


3. You don’t have to be perfect!


Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to be perfect in order to be an irresistible woman. What you need to do is to assess yourself and realize the things that you don’t have and embrace what you do have. Believe it or not, perfection is absolutely boring and women who are not perfect are very attractive to men.


4. Confidence is key


Women who are not confident of themselves are a big turn off to guys… It’s shallow, but it’s the hard truth we have to swallow (“gulp!”). But the reason why is not even related to shyness. The thing is, when you’re not confident, you tend to look and behave in self-protecting ways. You avoid eye contact, you avoid chatting, and curl up in defensive body language. This is why men tend to think that such women are too cold, arrogant or even full of themselves.

Being confident of who you are and what you can do gives you an extra edge. Believe that you are capable of doing what it takes to be a guy magnet and go out there and do what you want to and can do (yes, attract the men!).

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5. Give them eye contact


When you see a guy who really grabs your attention, give him eye contact. Smile at him and have a engaging gaze. Men are attracted to women who are open and honest about their thoughts of guys. This i s because often, men find women they are with pretentious and that can be a real turn-off. If you prove that you are different, you will be an irresistable woman, easily.


6. Be smart and witty


Today’s men are very drawn to smart and witty women. That doesn’t mean you have to let go of your femininity and start living in a library. If you are looking to become more interesting and approachable, first show the world how extremely interesting you are, and then enhance it by reading up on important today’s topics.


7. Wow him with your sense of humor


A humorous woman is always attractive. Everyone loves to laugh and be around funny people. Shake up your shyness and use your sense of humor to your advantage and wow him. Brighten the small chat with a well timed joke and don’t be afraid to show your fun side!

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8. Set your standards straight & ensure a rewarding relationship


Just like there are no perfect women, there are no perfect guys as well. Always remember that you deserve to be treated well, but other people deserve it too. Men are always attracted to a woman who never makes them feel used or inadequate. Be reasonably demanding without being selfish. Allow your man to give you the support you deserve. Be equal.


9. Develop a winning personality


Men are attracted to those who behave with confidence and authority. A woman who can command the respect of everyone in the room, is articulate, smart and self assured is completely irresistable to man. Just remember to be respectful and say things with class, don’t use unnecessary articulate emotion.


10. Be a sexually confident woman


It is not only guys who should initiate sex. Women can do it too and frankly, they don’t even need a lot of effort. Shake up your shyness and allow your sexuality to start shining through. Hypnotize him with your sexual confidence and you will achieve what you have in mind.


How To Be An Irresistable Woman – The Bottom Line


It’s sad that so many women don’t know how much power over men they have… If you are done being shy and watching other women get the best guys, try these tips. Watch yourself getting the interest you wanted and once your target begins to feel that he cannot be without you, he will give in.

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