Woman With Fluffy 90S Model Hair Blowout

How To Get Fluffy Hair Like The Famous 90s Blowout

Don't wait any longer to enjoy the fluffy hair trend!

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How to get fluffy hair like you have just stepped out of the fanciest hair salon in the 90s?

This may seem like a simple task, but many people don’t know the exact steps to produce the desired outcome.

Most people are looking simply at how to style their hair to make it fluffy – but styling is just a part of the process that leads you to perfectly fluffed, voluminous hair.

To create a fluffy hair look, you can try so many tricks! (Hint – we’re sharing the best ones today).

Nevertheless, the fluffy hairstyle will make your tresses look fuller, making you more attractive.

No wonder it was one of the most popular hairstyles of ’90s fashion models!

And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to wear it wherever you want.

It’s not difficult to maintain your hair in this style.

However, if you want to have fluffy hair, you have to have plenty of time to devote to the process – it’s not a 5-minute hairstyle.

One option to consider is a keratin treatment, which can help tame frizz and increase fluffiness in your hair.

But if you want to achieve great results at home, you will need something else.

Here’s how to get fluffy hair just like at the salon (even if it takes a bit longer).

Full, fun, bouncy hair – here we come!


How To Prepare Your Hair To Get 90s-Style Fluffy

You start by prepping your hair for maximum fluffiness, bounciness, and volume.


1. Use Protein-Rich, Volumising Shampoo


The first step to achieving fluffy hair is to use a shampoo with a high amount of protein.

Protein shampoos will make your hair look fuller, lighter, and more fluffy.

They’ll also make your hair appear thick which is an excellent start for your fluffy hair look!


2. Use Lightweight Care & Heat Protection


Apply a light, invisible leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair to make sure your hair ends look healthy.

Then, use a heat protectant spray.

To create a fluffy effect, it’s a must to pre-treat your hair with a heat-protectant spray because you will be using hot hair styling tools.


3. Allow Your Hair To Dry Naturally


Not fully – just almost fully! Shake your hair to let it dry naturally for a short while.

Ideally, it would be best to allow about 60% of your hair to air-dry before starting to style it for a fluffy look.

This will add even more volume to work with.


Best Styling Products To Get Fluffy Hair


Don’t forget to use the right styling products before you start styling your hair for a fluffy look.

For the best results, use products formulated for volume increase. If you’re not using volumizing products, you’re likely to have unfavorable results.

For example, apply volumizing mousse to your hair roots to give it an instant boost and lift at the top.

This helps your hair stay up throughout the whole day.

Hairstyling products that add shine and reduce frizz are also a great idea.

Volume-boosting hair mists with light hold are an optimal choice.

Tip: there are many different types of hair products on the market today.

But when it comes to fluffy hair, less is usually better – you don’t want to weigh your hair down with unnecessary products.

Before choosing anything, do some research to check if the product will work for your specific hair texture too.

Also, it’s generally good to avoid products that contain silicone or alcohol as they can cause damage to your hair and scalp. 


How To Get Fluffy Hair With Hair Rollers


The best way to create a fluffy hairstyle is to have a professional hairstylist do it, but DIY methods can work just as well.

Once you’ve let your hair air-dry a bit, applied heat protectant, and styling product, here’s how to get fluffy hair step by step.


1. Blow-dry your hair


The first step is to dry your hair thoroughly, using a lift-up method.

Use a blow dryer to dry small sections, and use a rounded brush to lift your hair from the roots.

This method will give you fluffy locks that will stay up for a long time.

Just make sure to use a wide, big, rounded brush.

This will give your hair a really fluffy appearance.

If you don’t have a rounded brush, use a diffuser to add some volume and lift.

A hair diffuser can speed up your drying time too.


2. Use hair rollers


Next, use hair rollers to create a perfectly sleek yet fluffy look.

This step will create beautiful, bouncy waves in your hair and ensure your hair looks soft and supple.

Choose a wide, big roller set.

To maximize the amount of bounce, section your tresses into four to eight pieces and roll your hair up!

An Example On How To Get Fluffy Hair With Rollers

Jumbo Size Hair Roller sets, Self Grip

This technique is most effective on hair that is still warm from blowdrying.

If your hair is cold, you can heat it by blowing hot air with your blowdryer again, or you can use heated hair rollers.

Let your rolled hair air-dry for a few minutes to get a beautiful, fluffy look.

Remember – using a wide roller will produce the most fluff.

Once your hair has finished drying, shake it forward to create some extra volume.

Tip – not a fan of hot hair rollers?

A hot air brush can help you achieve a similar effect!


3. Brush out lightly


Lastly, gently brush out your freshly fluffed hair.

You can gently also brush your hair ends with a round brush to give every strand a defined, curled bounce at the ends.

Repeat until all sections are tangle-free and spray with a lightweight, volumizing hair spray for just a hint of hold.


How To Get Fluffy Hair With Teasing (Back-combing)


Another easy method to get fluffy hair is to tease the strands.

Try back-brushing your hair section by section to create volume and thickness at the roots.

You can use a large paddle brush to do this.

Then, proceed with wide hair rollers or a wide, thick curling wand.

To achieve maximum results, use the same preparation tips:


  • After shampooing your tresses, let them air dry.


  • Apply a hair mousse to your roots before you blow-dry – this will ensure the teased hair stays in place longer. 


While backcombing is an effective way to create a fluffy look, it’s best to use it sparingly.

Unfortunately, teasing too much or too often can damage your hair.


Can You Get Fluffy Hair If Your Hair Is Fine and Limp?


Fine hair is difficult to style and can be difficult to achieve volume or body.

The key to getting fluffy hair for thinner manes is to use volumizing hair shampoo and conditioner and be careful when applying styling products.

You don’t want to weigh your hair down – especially if you have thin hair!

Fine hair will also look the fluffiest on the day they were washed.


f it’s your second day – you can still rock it – just make sure to use plenty of volumizing dry shampoo.

An Example Of How To Get Fluffy Hair Like 90S Models


Hair Health Is a Priority For Fluffy Hairstyles


If you want to get fluffy hair that looks great, it’s crucial to have healthy and well-maintained hair.

A healthy scalp is also essential to any healthy-looking hairstyle.

But you already know this, don’t you?

Our final tip?

Once you’ve done styling, flip your hair to the side and fluff it with your fingers.

This simple step will make your already fluffy hair even more voluminous and sensual.

Stylish Woman With Fluffy Hair

Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the fluffy 90s hair trend!

Scroll down for more tips below.

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