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Scalp Care Is The New Skincare: How To Achieve Glowing Locks

If your hair is the plant, your scalp is the soil - and it needs to be healthy too.

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For the longest time, the advice has been to take care of your hair if you want it to be thick and luscious.

However, recently there has been a trend towards scalp scare as a way to grow better hair.

It makes sense because your hair comes from your skin, so addressing it at the root is a good idea if you want to have better hair.

Many skincare and haircare brands recognize this and are slowly shifting their focus towards scalp care for better hair.

So yes, taking care of the skin on your head is just as important as taking care of the skin on other body parts.

In this article, let’s talk about scalp care and how to do it right.


Scalp Care Is The New Skincare: How To Achieve Glowing Locks


The Importance of Scalp Care


The health of your scalp is directly related to the health of your hair.

A good analogy is that if your hair is the plant, your scalp is the soil, and you need healthy soil to grow healthy plants.

Your scalp is thicker than the skin on other areas of your body because it has hundreds of thousands of hair follicles to support it.

Therefore, it needs more care than other areas though it will be a different type of skincare.

To put it simply, scalp care is the root of hair care, and you need to treat it as such.


How to Perform Scalp Care


Now that we have established how vital scalp care is in the development of your hair, it’s important to do it correctly too.

The following is how to perform scalp care for glowing hair:


1. Use Scalp Care Products


The next time you go to a beauty shop, don’t just get products for your hair.

Get products to take care of your scalp as well.

There are many brands with products for scalp care, including Aesop’s luxe hair care line.

If you have a brand that you regularly use for your hair care, you should check if they have any scalp care products, but always make sure to choose scalp care products based on the type of scalp you have.

There are people with dry scalps, while there are others with oily scalps.

Some people have sensitive scalps which require specific care products, while others have itchy scalps, which can often be addressed by anti-dandruff shampoo.

Note: there are a lot of different products in the market to cure dry scalps.

However, you shouldn’t just buy any product for the market and use it.

Different products may react differently with your scalp, so it’s best to seek professional guidance before making any decision.

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2. Rub Oil On Your Scalp


Dry and flaky scalp is a prevalent issue, and it is mainly because people do not give enough attention to their scalps.

The way to remedy that is to regularly rub oil on your scalp as part of your hair care routine.

Picture Portraying Scalp Care Is The New Skincare: How To Achieve Glowing Locks

When your scalp has insufficient oil production, the hair it produces will be of poor quality.

The hair follicles your scalp produces will become blocked because dead skin cells will block their pathways, and there may also be a build-up of hair care products that prevent hair growth.

Take the time to rub oil on your scalp and massage it in – it should take about half an hour.

It also has a relaxing effect which is beneficial both for your scalp and mental health.


3. Wash and Brush Your Hair Regularly


You probably don’t need to be told this, but a scalp care routine must involve washing your scalp.

You need to take the time to scrub your scalp.

Use a gentle shampoo while washing your scalp to remove various debris from your hair (dirt will also impede hair growth, and cleaning your hair will address it.

The amount and type of shampoo you need to use will depend on how oily your scalp is.

Woman Shampooing Her Hair For Scalp Care

After a hair wash, dry your hair and brush it regularly.

Brushing your hair and scalp more than a hundred times before bed could be a part of your routine.

It stimulates the scalp and distributes the natural oils throughout the hair, which is excellent for scalp care.


Your Scalp Needs Love!


Scalp care will become increasingly more popular as time proceeds – all because the importance of scalp care cannot be understated.

If you use the scalp care tips above, your scalp and hair should improve pretty quickly to give you luscious, healthy, and glowing locks.

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