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How To Be a Good Friend & Build Strong Friendships

Let's build REAL friendships and happy moments.

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‘Friends are the family we choose for ourselves’… Most of us have heard this line but how many of us make an effort for our friends?

In your adult life, you will spend more time with your friends than with your family, and they become an integral part of our lives.

Be it your roommate, co-worker or study partner, the connection between friends is always precious, and it should be preserved.

At this time, most people are lonely, and the reason is that we have become so submerged in our lives that we forget about these special people in our life.

Today, I want to talk about a few essential tips to build lifelong friendships, and hopefully, this will show you how to be a good friend to someone!


How To Be a Good Friend & Build Strong Friendships


1) Be a good listener


There are times in our life when we just want someone to listen, without any fear of judgment.

Be that someone for your friends, and allow them to open their hearts to you without expressing your own opinion.

Maybe they are hurting after a bad breakup, or they are facing problems at work, listen to their problems and let them know you have their back because a little act of kindness goes a long way.

Remember, if you are there for your friends, they will be there in your time of need!


2) Be happy for them


In the age of social media, it has become rare to find someone who is happy for you, and we are living lives filled with competition and jealousy.

Most people post their life on the internet and have hundreds of followers they try to impress, yet it’s no surprise that people feel more lonely than ever.

If you want to be a good friend, try to be happy for others.

It would mean a world to the other person if you are genuinely concerned about their achievements.

Treat your friend to a bite, ask them about their accomplishments and let them know you are happy for them – after all, a good friend should clap the loudest in the crowd!


Just in case you find it hard to be happy for your friends because of that little jealousy problem you’ve got going on… Here’s how to stop being jealous.


3) Find time for your friends


Back in the day when Facebook was launched, it miraculously connected the whole world.

You could send a message to someone to the opposite side of the world, watch their life stories and share your own.

But with time, something changed.

Social media, which was meant to connect us with others, caused us to disconnect with everyone around us.

Birthday posts replaced birthday cards, video chats replaced live interaction, and instant messages became the new way to talk to each other.

In this world of disconnection, find time to hang out with your friends often – it will definitely help you to be a good friend.

Put your phones on silent, turn off the Wi-Fi and have a real human connection with those around you!

Trust me; it makes all the difference.


4) Cheer them up


How often do you see a friend in a bad mood and think about cheering them up?

Most of us ignore what others are feeling, and we choose to carry on with our lives… But this is where being a good friend goes wrong!

If you see your friend is hurting, make it your goal to brighten up their day – ask them about the problem, and help in any way you can.

However, always remember to respect the other person’s privacy and never force them to tell their problems.

In this case, just a simple long drive, a quiet lunch or an ice cream cone will make things better, try it!


5) To be a good friend, strive to always be honest


There is nothing that shakes the foundation of a friendship more than dishonesty… If you want to be a good friend and make your friends to trust you, honesty will take you a long way.

Sometimes, lying can seem like the easy way out, but in the long run, you will always regret this choice.

Be upfront about your concerns and encourage your friends to do the same, because the strongest friendships are based on mutual trust!


How To Be a Good Friend While Staying True To Yourself


Some people have a misconception about what it means to be a good friend when you and your friend face an argument.

When you care about the friendship, it might feel easier to simply let another person win… But if the argument is making you feel like you “admit just for the sake of admitting”, it might be easier to learn how to communicate your point.

I’ve written a few articles that I think would be helpful if you’re generally afraid of conflicts and arguments:

How to win any argument without offending other people

How to stop being afraid of conflicts & confrontation

Yes, it’s still possible to be a good friend, even if you and your friend’s opinions differ!

– – –

If you like these suggestions, don’t forget to be a good friend and share them with everyone around you!

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