5 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy On Vacation

Updated on June 7, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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Summer is the perfect time for vacation, but sometimes a fun vacation can turn into an unhealthy fiesta of choices that leave you tired, instead of rested and refreshed.

However, this can be controlled with a few essential tips that can help you have your fun and stay healthy too. If you’re traveling, hopping from a plane to plane or simply chose to enjoy the sun on the beach, here’s what you should know.


5 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy On Vacation


1) Hydration is an absolute must


Hot weather is stressful for your body. When temperatures rise, it tries to cool itself with increased sweating so you lose water a lot faster, which can lead to dehydration. Along with that, hot temperatures also make your blood a little thicker, which is another reason to drink more – it keeps your blood flow normal.

Carry a water bottle everywhere with you and increase your water consumption to stay healthy, especially on the beach. You can also opt for light mineral water which also helps you to restore electrolytes that are lost due to heavier sweating.


2) Make Sunscreen Your Companion


Even if it’s cloudy outside, the sun is very intense in summer months. To prevent sunburns and protect your skin from harmful rays, apply a liberate amount of sunscreen in the morning, and reapply every few hours to keep your skin protected. If you’re sweating profoundly or if you enjoy water fun, reapply more often.

You can also use sunscreen sprays that make reapplication faster and easier:

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Also, if you don’t like the stickiness the sunscreen leaves on your face (I mean, who does, right?) check out this post: Top 5 affordable sunscreens that won’t leave you sticky and shiny


3) Watch Out For Bugs


If you’re spending a lot of time in nature, you might be a target for various bugs and some of them can be pretty dangerous. Ticks, for example, can carry Lyme and other serious infections that can leave lasting consequences.

It is advisable to wear light-colored clothes while spending time in nature and take a few looks at yourself every once in a while so you can spot an unwanted bug if it happens to land on you.

Additionally, use protective sprays (insect repellents) that keep ticks, flies, and mosquitos away and light anti-mosquito candles around your camping site or hotel balcony. And of course, if you’re traveling to places that have a malaria problem, make sure to get a professional consultation regarding proper protection.

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4) Rest properly


Traveling, road trips and long itineraries can leave your body tired. Make sure to spend enough time resting – take naps, have a good night’s sleep, do some yoga streches, set some time for a restoring meditation.

This will help your body recover in between traveling fun and prepare your muscles for the next itinerary (or a dance night!)


5) Don’t get too loose with nutrition


Vacation often tempts us to let it all go and just stuff our stomachs with every tasty thing that’s on the table. Wash it down with a few glasses of wine and you’re on the way to jeans that don’t fit anymore 🙂

While it’s completely OK to enjoy yourself once in a while, if you eat like crap throughout your whole vacation, you will come back tired, lethargic, and probably a little heavier.

Now, being heavier is not wrong, but the problem arises when we stuff our gut with foods that are hard to digest. It can create an unpleasant imbalance in your gut, which can further affect your mood, energy levels, and overall health significantly.

To keep things balanced, try to eat mostly healthy meals, but leave a little room for tasty exceptions. This way, you can stay healthy and enjoy your vacation meals too. It’s all about the balance!


Let’s sum this up


So while you’re on your vacation, remember these 5 essentials:

1. Stay hydrated

2. Wear sunscreen

3. Avoid bugs

4. Rest properly

5. Eat mostly healthy

… And most importantly – have a good time!

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