How To Rapidly Learn New Skills While On The Go

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Picture Portraying How To Rapidly Learn New Skills While On The Go

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Picture Portraying How To Rapidly Learn New Skills While On The Go

I’m a huge junkie for everything about improvement. After all, this is what this blog is about – mastering the art of improvement so you can live a better life, day by day.

When people ask me what’s the most important thing to do if you want to improve one or another part of your life, I say “gather knowledge””. Read books, take courses and learn whatever you can before you make any decision or set any goal. This is what I did for many years, but this is easier said than done… And no, this is not the secret I’m going to talk about.

Reading a ton of books is not that easy since people are so busy these days – there’s simply not enough time to read. Sure, you can take things slowly, one book at the time and at your own pace. It’s still a step forward. But if you want to radically improve yourself and your life, but don’t want to wait a few years until you’ve read enough books to say “okay, I mastered this” and then another year to say “cool, I mastered this too”, there is a shortcut that can help you supercharge this process.

I feel like this secret can be applied on absolutely any part of your life, whether you want to become more successful, mentally strong, intelligent, effective, productive or healthier. It can also help you if you want to develop a new skill that would help you live your life, like mastering your finances, getting a good understanding of the law, deciphering human psychology… Or it can be something simple, yet interesting to you, like how to become a wonderful cook.

Whatever it is you want to improve, if you don’t have time to sit and read books and do the research, this secret can help you. Read on to find out what it is.


It’s so simple, yet so underused


The secret to rapidly gaining knowledge on anything you want to learn is to utilize the time you’re already using on something – and shower it with knowledge from the books. But how exactly do you do that?

You do that by listening to audiobooks!

Think about it – you spend so much time doing things that require no particular brain work – walking your daily commute, doing dishes, cleaning your home, spending hours in a shopping mall, going for a walk, relaxing on your free time, doing laundry… Every single minute can be used for gaining knowledge by listening to audiobooks.

Knowledge is a straight way to improvement since you don’t have to learn everything on your own – you can simply listen to what other people have already learned and mastered through the whole trial and error path.

“Okay, but where exactly will I get enough books to choose from?”

We live in a wonderful time! There’s a lot of audiobook websites online today, but I would personally recommend the one that’s really vast and probably has anything you want – the Amazon Audible service.

Amazon Audible has an audio version of almost any book on Amazon and is extremely affordable (usually 14.95$ a month). And you can also sign up for a free 30-day trial and get 2 audiobooks for free (!!) to try it out and make sure that it fits you.



How to try audiobooks and get 2 Amazon Audible books for FREE


Simply visit here and sign up for a free trial. You can then browse the store and choose whatever two books you want to listen to. You can use your phone for that, of course 🙂

Try to listen to the audiobook whenever you’re doing something that doesn’t require any intense brain activity. I love to do it when I’m working on my graphic design projects since it’s mostly the flow of creativity and doesn’t require a lot of thinking.

Tip: If you want to enhance your experience, open up an app with gentle music or nature sounds too.


What To Expect


You may find it hard to concentrate on the words at first. After all, you may not be used to listening to someone talking when you do something unrelated. But you should adapt to it fairly quickly.

Some people fall in love with audiobooks so much that they simply skip paperback books alltogether. I personally congratulate that since it contributes to saving the trees.

If you don’t want to learn anything, or if you’re a fan of classic, fiction or casual books, I assure you that you can enjoy them as well, since there are thousands, if not millions of books to choose from on Amazon.

You can try Amazon Audible for FREE here


Could this get any better?


For now, I don’t see a better way to enhance yourself and your inner world if you don’t have time to study paper books or enroll in various courses. Who knows, maybe one day we will have the ability to install the knowledge of any book in our brain momentarily… But for now, simply using our ability to listen, and more importantly – to hear, can help us learn new things and improve our skills while we’re simply walking our daily commute.

Hope you try it yourself (after all, it’s absolutely free to try) and benefit from the world of human knowledge.

Stay shining. Stay growing.

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