6 Creative Hobbies to Help You Practice Mindfulness

Let’s just feel more connected with our life.

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Updated on March 31, 2023

Mindful Activities

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You might be among the many people hoping to get into mindfulness this year. This helpful mental health practice can make you feel more connected with your life if you know how to do it properly. Try a few of these creative hobbies to help you practice mindfulness while spending time on your favorite activities.


How Do Hobbies Help With Mindfulness?


When going through your daily life, you’re likely multitasking and planning whatever you need to do next. Although it can help you keep up with a busy schedule, it’s the opposite of being in a mindful state.

Mindfulness controls your thoughts to remain mentally present in any situation. It engages the senses to calm your stream of consciousness. When done correctly, you’ll exist only in the moment.


Creative Hobbies to Practice Mindfulness


How can hobbies become a mindfulness practice? Try a few of these activities to gain control of your thoughts without intentionally meditating. They require your full attention and help you focus on the present.


1. Cooking


You have to slow down when cooking something new. The food might not come out right if you miss a step in the recipe. You also have to focus on measuring ingredients correctly and following the steps in the right order.

Your senses become more engaged as food cooks. You’ll sniff sauces, taste-test ingredients and touch objects with varying surface temperatures. It keeps your mind on the activity at hand, so you’re fully aware of everything happening around you.


2. Playing an Instrument


Imagine a famous musician performing in front of a massive audience. The song would immediately sound wrong if they lost focus. Whether you want to write music or recreate your favorite tunes, you can experience the same concentration by learning to play an instrument.

Consider which types of music you enjoy to pick an instrument you love. If you like the blues, you might pass over a guitar and a piano for a ukulele. The quiet, happy notes strumming from each string will reduce your anxiety levels as you hone your thoughts on making each chord.

Keep in mind that ukuleles come in multiple sizes. Larger ones will have a louder sound than smaller models. Sometimes people find it easier to be mindfully present without loud sounds invading their environment.


3. Journaling


Grab a notebook or download a journaling app. As you write about whatever’s on your mind, you’ll channel your ideas and encourage your mind to get into a creative flow. The focus improves your mindfulness by eliminating distractions like anxiety.

You can also use your entries to practice grounding yourself for mindful periods. Note whatever physical sensations you’re feeling, what emotions are in your heart and what’s on your mind. Once you identify each component, you can push them aside or let them sit with you so you’re mindfully aware of your current state.


4. Photography


People have easy access to great modern cameras. They’re in your phone, tablet and laptop, or you can invest in a professional camera for your new hobby. It’s always best to slow down before snapping a photo. This allows you to take in everything you see before making a decision and is another way to practice mindfulness with this creative hobby.


5. Walking


The simple act of walking around your neighborhood can double as a creative hobby. Think about potential short stories inspired by the scenery. Imagine the people flying over you in a passing airplane. Encouraging your mind to explore creative avenues frees you of whatever distractions or irritations bothered you before.

As you let your mind wander along with your feet, you’ll also become mindful of your surroundings. You’ll likely have to pay more attention to your footing, animals in the woods nearby, the temperature, your comfort level and endurance. Consider all these things during your daily or weekly walks to gain a few mindful minutes of relaxation.


6. Crocheting


People often suggest needlepoint to those seeking creative hobbies, but crocheting is also easy to pick up. You only need a single hook to transform yarn into stuffed animals, blankets and more. The practice doubles as a mindfulness hobby because you must focus on what’s in your hands. You might have to start from the beginning if you lose count of your stitches or the steps in your crochet pattern.

Once you get used to crocheting, you can also focus on other mindful details. You might practice deep breathing to calm your heart rate or meditate on what makes you grateful to boost your happiness.


Try New Creative Hobbies


Make a list of interesting creative hobbies to determine what will help you practice mindfulness and keep you entertained. There are many options, and you don’t have to hold yourself to just one. With some trial and error, you’ll find activities you love that also benefit your mental health.

Cora Gold is the Editor in Chief of Revivalist magazine, where she covers wellness, beauty and more. Follow Cora on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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