How To Get Makeup Samples For Free

Expand your makeup collection with close to zero spend.

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Updated on December 15, 2022

Picture Portraying How To Get Makeup Samples For Free

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Picture Portraying How To Get Makeup Samples For Free

We love makeup, and is there anything more enthralling than going on a makeup shopping spree?!

However, makeup can be expensive, and it can burn a hole through your wallet like nothing else. It is devastating when you buy a costly foundation, and it is 3 shades darker than your skin tone (anyone?).

There’s a great way to try out your favorite makeup brands and that is to get free makeup sample. It lets you test out the product before you shell out your hard-earned dollars for it. Now, free makeup samples can be obtained from department stores, through the mail, or by entering various social media campaigns. Below, I have listed five working ways to get makeup samples, so that you can try out makeup and expand your collection without spending all of your cash!


How To Get Makeup Samples For Free


1. Follow your favorite brand’s social media


In the age of social media, it is very easy to follow your favorite makeup brands and keep a lookout for giveaways and competitions.

Many makeup companies and influencers regularly arrange makeup sample giveaways on Instagram and Facebook, and anyone can enter these competitions for a chance to win free makeup. Keep an eye on tags like ‘makeup giveaway’ or ‘free giveaway’.

Some companies also offer makeup samples in exchange for filling out a simple survey, which is pretty amazing!


2. Get free makeup samples with online orders


When you make a purchase from an online beauty store, there is a big chance that they will offer some makeup samples for you to try.

Sephora, Ulta, Smashbox, and The Body Shop are among the beauty stores that regularly give free makeup samples with your orders. Some of these websites even let you choose the samples you need. This is an ideal way to try out the product you always wanted or the perfume you’re interested in before committing to the real deal.

When you finally receive your order and see all the free makeup samples, the happiness is just so lovely for any makeup enthusiast!


3. Become a part of makeup testing groups


Product testing groups allow you to test out the makeup, and you have to give your opinion through a survey. You may be required to go to the store to pick up the makeup samples, and the brand will instruct you to fill out a questionnaire.

After the test phase, you are often given the makeup for free along with other products from the brand. L’Oreal frequently arranges test panels, and you can quickly join them by checking out their website.

Other programs that give free makeup samples in exchange for a survey are Allure Beauty enthusiasts, Elle Inner Circle, and InStyle Trendsetters.


4. Get makeup samples from department stores


When we walk into a beauty store, the vast array of makeup is so dizzying that even the best of us have a tough time deciding what to purchase! Makeup stores know this, and they try to make your life easier by offering makeup samples for free at their counters – all you have to do is ask. Makeup stores not only let you try your favorite makeup in-store, but they give you makeup samples to take home so that you can fully experience the products in different situations before buying them.

P. S. Sephora also gives you samples on your birthday!


5. Get free makeup through subscriptions


Services like PINCHME regularly mail you makeup samples in exchange for your honest review. PINCHME is currently operating in the United States, and they have mailed out more than 200K makeup samples for free. This is a brilliant way to grow your makeup collection, and you can even get makeup from renewed and high-end brands like Smashbox and Benefit.


These were just 5 of the ways you can receive free makeup samples and expand your makeup collection. Makeup samples are awesome, and they let you to experience the products so that you can steer clear of any item you don’t like. Do try out these ways, and you’ll be amazed at how easy and well they work!

P. S. Scroll down for more tips like this!

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