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Does Anxiety Go Away? Here’s The Truth.

Staying anxious is exhausting... Does anxiety go away, ever? Or are you bound to stay in it forever... Here's the simple truth you need to know.

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Woman Sitting Wishing Her Anxiety To Go Away

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, you may find yourself questioning everything that is happening with you already.

That pounding heart, those cold sweats, sleepless nights and never-ending thought carousels… It’s quite a lot to handle, isn’t it?

Sooner or later, just like every anxious person, you can’t help yourself but wonder:

“Does anxiety go away?

Does it ever stop or am I stuck with this forever?”

In this short Q & A post, I want to answer this question once and for all.


Does Anxiety Go Away?


In short – yes, anxiety does go away, if we are talking about the short-term anxiety or anxiety attack.

If you are feeling anxious right now, it may feel like “this is never going to end” or that “you are heading towards a mental breakdown”, but trust me – you’re not.

Our bodies are physically incapable of staying in an anxiety attack for too long – sooner or later, those anxiety levels begin to drop.

I have learned it from my therapist when I was so anxious that I thought I am going to pass out if I can’t stop my anxiety soon.

So if you’re having a highly anxious moment right now, please know that it won’t last forever and sooner or later your anxiety will begin to subside, gradually.

It may happen a few minutes from now, a few hours, a few days or maybe weeks (yes, been there), but it will start to go down.

Now, once your anxiety goes away, it doesn’t mean that it can’t come back.

It can.

You may experience anxiety in waves – coming, and going, coming and going… This is why it’s so important to learn how to control your anxiety, so it doesn’t stop you from living and enjoying your life.

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Does Anxiety Go Away Forever?


Now, if we’re talking about erasing anxiety from your life completely – no, it’s not possible.

Anxiety is just another feeling in the pool of feelings we may possibly have.

You can find it in the group of harder feelings like sadness, worry, fear, pain, hurt and so on… Those feelings are unpleasant, but they’re part of human nature.

We can’t just delete them from our DNA.

However, the good thing is that all the feelings pass – including the feeling of anxiety.

It’s just a way our body is trying to protect us, remember?

And while you can’t make anxiety to go away forever (especially if you are a sensitive person prone to anxiety), you can learn how to heal you mind and live a fulfilling, happy life despite your anxiety.

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Does Anxiety Go Away When You Want It?


It might!

But it doesn’t work like in the movies (“Oh, you just need to wish for it very hard, and it will happen!”). No.

I’m sorry – you can’t just wish your anxiety away.

However, there are many things you can do to make your anxiety go away faster – or even prevent it from appearing in the first place.

Here are some ideas:

Does Anxiety Go Away - Calm Your Anxiety Infographic

These may seem like small things to do, but they’re definitely a great place to start.

Let’s explore them more!


How To Make Your Anxiety Go Away Faster


1. Focus on your breathing


… Or even better – have a meditation session two or three times per day (hint: use Youtube to find great guided meditations if you’re a beginner!).


2. Engage in calming activities


… And the more – the better!

Here’s my favorite list of 30 ways to calm down your mind.


3. Replace fearful thoughts with more helpful ones


Now, this may sound tricky, but I promise – it’s not, and it’s extremely helpful when you want your anxiety to go away.

You can learn how to replace fearful thoughts with my Worry Journal and Thought Workbook – the two workbooks I use whenever I am feeling anxious.

I have designed them based on my personal experience in CBT therapy sessions, and CBT books I’ve read (have you read “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David M.

It’s extremely helpful!).


4. Play relaxing music


It doesn’t matter which kind of music you find relaxing, just let it flow around you.

I personally love soothing nature sounds, like ocean waves and summer wind, but you may find that gentle piano relaxes you the best.

Just surround yourself with soothing melodies.


5. Try to stay present


So many times we’re anxious because of something that might happen in the future. However, the future, and the past is not something we can fully control… Yet we can fully experience the present moment – the here, and now.

And even if the present moment is unpleasant, staying in it is so much better than trying to solve multiple catastrophic scenarios in your head.

It’s too much too handle!

Allow yourself to just handle the now – it’s so much easier to cope when you let go of the past and future (that may also turn out good and happy, just so you know!).


6. Write it out


I’m a huge fan of journaling for therapy, and I believe it’s one of the best things you can do to help your anxiety go away faster.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to try it out!

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7. And there’s two more things that help a lot…


Staying social, and eating healthy.

Actually, it’s a great idea to lower your caffeine levels as well.

I don’t suggest you to cut out caffeine completely, but lower it as much as possible until you anxiety subsides.

So – yes!

I hope this article has shown you that anxiety does go away, but you can always do something more to make it go away faster and even prevent it from happening in the first place.


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