How To “Slow Down” Aging Process: 7 Ways To Look And Feel Younger

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Aging is one thing certain. Everything and everyone gets old, living or not. Man’s attempts to stop the clock have resulted in the development of anti-aging solutions such as diet plans and anti-aging beauty products.

While it is never wrong to defy the aging process, the means of doing so may only contribute to aggravating it. As an example, anti-aging products typically cost more and therefore burn a hole in your pocket. The financial stress is enough to overtake the effects of the product, thereby rendering them ineffective in the end. Even going under the knife to address wrinkles and other signs of aging can break the bank.

But looks are not all there is to growing old. Aging is also manifested in the way we act and speak. The way we react to our surroundings adds to our maturity within. Some people do not use anti-aging products but look a lot younger than their actual age.

Here are some practical ways to “slow down” aging process and achieve a younger-looking you.


1. “Slow down” aging process with a new hairdo


It may be simple but a few cuts here and there could make you look younger. Ask for an expert opinion from a hairstylist on which haircut is best for your facial shape. Also, change the color for that fresh appearance. Keep a regular visit to the salon. Every quarter or at least twice a year is enough to keep your look updated!


2. “Slow down” aging with appropriate clothes


The clothes you wear say a lot about you and your age. The style incoherence also exudes confusion which will make it difficult for people to relate to you. You do not have to go for designer tees or jeans. Reading about current trends is a good start. Then look for cheaper versions of the designs that you feel will look good on you.


3. Actually slow down aging by drinking lots and lots of water


Water is essential to life here on earth. Your body is made up of at least 70 percent of it so you have to replenish your supply every now and then. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day to reinvigorate your cells. Made up of oxygen, water is the best way to supply that element to the brain. It helps you avoid stroke and other cardiovascular diseases as well.


4. Slow down aging process by avoiding junk food


Eat less of the junk and more of the healthy stuff. Time and again, food that is a good source of vitamins and minerals is always the way to go. Having sufficient levels of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins can keep your body physically young and active.


5. Walk as much as possible


Walking is probably the cheapest way to look young. It promotes good blood circulation and burns away calories that build up after eating. Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs. Walking up those steps will help keep your leg muscles conditioned.


6. “Slow down” aging process by regularly changing your surroundings


Often, a change of environment can do massive good for you. You get a whole new fresh perspective on things by looking at them in a different light. A messy bedroom can make you cranky the moment you wake up. Make things more organized so your brain can process ideas better. As soon as you do this, you will keep a better head at anything.


7. Slow down aging process by focusing on the positive


Most, importantly, only be serious when it counts but the rest of the time, accept things as they are. Avoid bearing grudges as emotional stress manifest through a wrinkled forehead. Thinking too much also results in mental stress which leads to faster aging of our bodies. Keep the work stuff in the office and spend as much time with your family as soon as you get home. Take things one step at a time so you will not overwhelm yourself with so many things to do at the same time.

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