5 Nice Things To Do To Be Healthier

Updated on June 6, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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I know love, money, and happiness are important and all, but honestly – what would we be without our health?… It’s so hard to work on anything else if we put ourselves to a second plan and then lack enough energy or well-being to do anything (this is me speaking from experience…).

Are you prioritizing your health? If not (yet), now is the perfect time to review your health habits to see where you could improve. Additionally, life can sometimes become a little boring, so it’s a great idea to find activities that are both healthy and fun.

And, just in case your New Year resolutions list included “lose weight” somewhere near the top… Here you go with three positive, beautiful health goals for this year:

  1. Get healthier;
  2. Have more fun;
  3. Lose some weight if needed/gain weight if needed.

If this sounds like something you need, I’ve got you covered. I have set the same goals for myself and thus have searched for activities that could help me meet all three of them. If you’re ready to become healthier, here are a few fun, nice activities you should try!


1. Go Swimming


Ah, swimming! It’s such a perfect way to both move your body, relax, get healthier and have fun at the same time. Water seems to have an extremely positive effect both on our body and mind, so I have listed this as a must-do health activity number 1.

Here are a few ways swimming is wonderful for your body and soul:

  • It improves your cardiovascular health;
  • It has a very low impact on your joints;
  • Swimming regularly reduces your blood pressure;
  • It can improve your lung function;
  • It tones your muscles;
  • It improves your flexibility;
  • Can help you lose weight;
  • It reduces stress;
  • Greatly boosts endorphin production.

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Also, if you struggle with mental health problems, it can be very therapeutic and soothing for your mental wellness. Swimming was one of the best things I’ve tried when I was dealing with my own anxiety and I recommend it to every anxious soul. Just choose a pool that is not overcrowded and has clear, sky-blue water to avoid unnecessary anxiety triggers.


2. Visit Saunas


You can visit saunas in many pools or you can find them separate in most SPA salons. Saunas are fun, and extremely beneficial for your health as well. They improve blood circulation, detoxify your body through massive sweating and help your muscles relax.

You may find different sauna types around, but the most popular ones are hot saunas and extremely humid saunas. The difference between the two is that the first one is usually dry and has bigger temperatures, whereas steamy saunas are less hot but reach humidity levels of 90-100%.

The latter is gentler and more relaxing, so if you’re looking for deeply calming and rejuvenating activity, submerge yourself in those soothing “Bali mists”.


3. Throw Smoothie Parties


You can do this with your family or friends and it’s just as simple as trying out different smoothie recipes and tasting them together!

There are tons of smoothie recipes around and it’s a perfect way to nourish and hydrate your body with essential nutrients. Also – it’s a simple and healthy way to have fun together with the people you love (or alone, because WHY NOT!).


4. Go On Long Nature Walks


The perfect fun and healthy activity that you can do whole year-round for better health –  simply take long walks in nature. You can do them alone or with someone you love, just strive to do them regularly.

Spending time in nature and fresh air is one of the best ways to tone your body, lose weight, boost your immune system, relax and recharge yourself. It’s also a free one so it’s a great alternative to swimming pools if you’re on a tight budget.

If you want to add more fun to this activity, you can also ride your bicycle through various nature routes (just try to choose a different one every time to avoid monotony).


5. Indulge In Detox Baths


Detox baths help your body release toxins and saturate your body with minerals through the skin. It’s also a fun activity that can be switched up every time by using:

  • Different detox salts;
  • Detoxifying herbs added to your bathwater (like parsley, ginger, thyme, rosemary, seaweed).

If you want the simplest detox bath recipe, simply add a handful of sea salt and baking soda mix to your bathwater, immerse yourself, grab your favorite magazine and enjoy!

Do it once a week for improved circulation, clearer and healthier skin, and overall wellness.

Improving your health requires a little bit of effort, but it also can be fun. Doing just one activity from this list will help you become healthier + keep your body and mind busy during the long, dark, and boring winter months. Doing them will help you to maximize your health potential and have fun either alone or with your loved ones.

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