5 Major Benefits of a Good Mattress

A high-quality mattress is worth its weight in gold.

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A high-quality mattress is worth its weight in gold, but sometimes it can be difficult to justify the cost.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should invest in a new mattress or you’re trying to decide whether you should jump in and opt for the best mattress you can find, read on for all the benefits you can expect from a quality mattress.


Spinal alignment


Mattresses have two purposes: comfort and support.

Comfort is important but, when it comes to spinal alignment, a supportive mattress can make all the difference.

People love having a huge mattress, picking the biggest mattress size but often at the expense of the support choosing size over function.

Different sleeping positions can affect your spinal health.

Side sleepers tend to have an easier time ensuring that their spine is kept in a neutral position but, if you are a back sleeper, it is even more important for you to find a good mattress with lots of support.

When you lie on your back on a mattress without decent support, it forces your spine into an unnatural curve because of the way that you sink into it.

This can lead to back pain.

A supportive mattress, on the other hand, won’t let your spine sink into it so can support it in retaining its natural curvature.

This can be extremely helpful for individuals who spend most of their days sitting in the same spot, like truckers.

As a lot of truckers spend countless hours on the road and sleep in their cabs, there is certainly some benefit from having the best semi truck mattress they can find.


Less body pain


A supportive mattress is also important to prevent aches and pains.

The places where your body is in contact with the mattress are known as pressure points.

When a mattress isn’t supportive, your joints can sink into it.

This can lead to aches and pains when you get up in the morning.

Quality mattresses, on the other hand, are more supportive and will prevent your pressure points from sinking in. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses, in particular, can help to provide support and comfort at the same time.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, it can be especially important to find the right mattress to support your body.

For many people with chronic pain, this will be a high-quality medium-firm mattress that will help to support your pressure points.


A good night’s sleep


Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

A high-quality mattress will provide the support, breathability, and comfort to give you quality sleep.

And poor sleep quality can be caused by having an old mattress or one that doesn’t provide everything you need.

We have also covered some relaxing things to do before bed if you fancy a read.

You may not realize that you are sleep deprived because it is difficult for us to know exactly how long we sleep, and what our sleep quality is.

For your sleep to be good, you need to cycle through all of the important sleep cycles, including deep sleep and REM sleep, without interruption.

But if your mattress is uncomfortable for you, it may cause you to wake up during the night.

Signs of sleep deprivation include:

  • excessive daytime sleepiness;
  • poor memory;
  • changes in mood;
  • less attention span;
  • slower thinking;
  • poor decision making;
  • increased stress levels.

A good mattress will allow you to get to sleep more quickly and significantly improve the quality of your sleep to prevent sleep deprivation.

With your mind working just as it should, you may find yourself succeeding at work, having more meaningful relationships, and being able to get more enjoyment out of life.


Health benefits


The short-term effects of sleep deprivation can affect how well you function day to day, but what many people don’t realize is that if you are sleep deprived long-term, it can have serious consequences for your health.

Having a good mattress can help prevent sleep deprivation, and can set you up for a wide range of health benefits.

These can include:

  • Stronger immune system;
  • Lower risk of mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety;
  • Lower risk of diabetes;
  • Lower risk of obesity;
  • Lower risk of heart disease;
  • Increased sex drive;
  • Increased fertility;
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure;
  • Increased predicted average lifespan.

Getting good sleep can not only improve your mental health but can also improve your physical health.

Your mattress isn’t the only thing that can affect your sleep duration and quality but it is an important part of improving your sleep health.


Less allergies


If you are an allergy sufferer, you will know how difficult it can be to deal with itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches, and other allergy symptoms.

What you may not realise is that your mattress could be making the situation worse.

When we sleep, we are constantly shedding dead skin cells, which is pretty unpleasant in and of itself.

But on top of this, these skin cells are prime food for dust mites, which can trigger a reaction in allergy sufferers.

Mildew and mold can also be allergy triggers.

Dust mites are more likely if you are sleeping on an old mattress, and just cleaning often won’t get rid of them altogether.

When you are looking for a good mattress to replace your old one, it is worth investing in a mattress that will make a build-up of dust mites less likely in the first place.

Generally speaking, a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress will be less likely to harbor dust mites than an innerspring mattress.

This is because the foam is a dense material without the nooks and crannies present in an innerspring mattress that can be such prime places for dust mites to hide.

Nighttime allergies can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and they can feel very unpleasant.

Buying a hypoallergenic premium mattress, such as memory foam or latex foam, can protect you against allergy triggers and stop inadequate sleep for good.


In summary


If you want to fall asleep faster, have better health, have fewer allergic reactions, have fewer aches and pains, and have better spinal health, getting rid of your bad mattress and investing in a good quality mattress can make all the difference.

Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are popular types that can give you the support, comfort, and breathability you need, while also helping to protect you from allergy triggers.

With that being said, there are lots of high-quality innerspring mattresses that will do just as good a job, depending on your needs.

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