7 Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive

Updated on July 3, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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Home improvements & remodeling projects can turn out to be expensive…

Fresh paint jobs, landscaping or entire room renovations, all are meant to make your living space even nicer or more expensive than before. But spending an outrageous amount of money on such projects can sometimes be impossible!

Instead of going over the budget just to make your home look more expensive and trendier, you can try a couple of simple changes.

These tricks have the power to transform the overall flair of your space and make it look… rather impressive.

Here are the best inexpensive tricks to make your house look expensive without the aid of professional interior designers!


7 Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive


Use as many lights as possible


One of the easiest tricks to make your place look expensive is to add as many lights as possible.

A luxurious glow in your home can be achieved with the help of cozy floor lamps and modern bulbs that spread a warm and muted light.

Also, different designs for lamps can add an extra touch of style. My tip is to set up the lighting in various heights and use several bulb sizes. This will lead to a dramatic effect and an overall enticing atmosphere.

If changing the ceiling lamps is not an option, get crazy with table lamps. I found a ton of beautiful and inexpensive table lamps on Amazon and I’m just in love with them all:

Popilion Noble Gold Metal Base Table Lamp

SOTTAE Modern Style Rose Gold Hollowed Out Base 

Add mirrors where possible


Interior designers claim that if you aim to change the entire appearance of your home, simply mix and match lighting solutions with mirrors.

Strategically installed mirrors, complemented by the perfect lighting, can lead to the illusion of a larger space that also looks far more expensive than it actually is. If you prefer simplicity, you can opt for one big statement mirror to create the desired elegant finish.


Less furniture is better


Having all sorts of furniture in your house can create a really messy look. A simple trick to make your home look more expensive is to have as few furniture pieces as possible.

Minimalistic interiors are still trendy these days because the cleaner your house is, the more expensive it will look. Consider items that come with clean cuts and designs that aren’t bulky. Light colours are also recommended for an expensive appearance.


Add a few stylish accessories


Just don’t overdo it! For an expensive aesthetic of your home, opt for adding a few key accessories in every room to provide comfort and flow to the entire design.

You can install curtains close by the ceiling to set up a luxurious and upscale appearance. Long curtains create an illusion and can even make your room appear larger. Or, you can consider adding a few decorative pillows on your couch or bed.

Stylish tones are easy to accomplish in a home with little to no expenses. The trick is to select patterns or colors that will give that intriguing, luxe touch to any interior. Here are some ideas:

Luxury Flannel Velvet Plush Throw Blanket


Rose Gold Ceramic Hanging Planters, Set of 3

Rose Gold Wall Grid Panel For Photos and Decorations


Always have living flowers in your place


Another simple and inexpensive trick to make your home look more expensive is to add some fresh flowers. No matter if you opt for freshly cut flowers or for flowers in pots, those can boost the overall interior design.

Green plants can even clean the air in your house, which is also a big plus! So, next time you pass by a flower shop, buy a pot with lush, green flowers for an extra touch of style and nature in your home.

Recently, terrariums became extremely popular as a living home decor. They look especially luxe and usually aren’t super expensive as well:

 Kook Geometric Glass Terrarium

NCYP Copper Pyramid Hanging Geometric Terrarium 

Add some rugs


A general interior design rule for making it look more expensive is to add some rugs. No matter what type of rug you opt for, it always looks expensive regardless of how inexpensive they are.
A rug that is part of decor will complement the design, offer a cozy feeling and will add that little extra you usually observe in expensive homes.


Add an oversized piece of art


A printed photograph on a large piece of canvas or a replica of a great art piece are all you need if you aim to make your home look more expensive without spending a ton of money.

Attention-grabbing pieces of art can encourage conversation and embed the living space with an amazing luxe feel.

I personally recommend avoiding the overly popular beach landscape or mountain-like sceneries. Look for painting or photographs that have a unique story. This way, your home will become one of a kind.

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Today, everything seems to be about sustainable shopping… So why not consider making your home look more expensive with cheaper and simple tricks? With low costs and high impact, you will end up having a living space that will feel both creative, cozy, lux and comfortable.

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