5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

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For various reasons — whether poverty, infirmity, or an eating disorder — many people in first-world countries face hunger. Nobel prize-winning novelist Knut Hamsun even wrote about it in his 1890 novel Hunger, about a young man who just can’t keep food down.

The problem is not uncommon, and it’s not new. But besides hunger, how do you know you’re undernourishing yourself? This article will walk you through five signs you’re not eating enough, so you can motivate yourself to eat more. Let’s dig in!


5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough


1. Your Wounds Won’t Heal


If you’ve accidentally cut yourself and noticed that the wound just won’t heal, this could be because you’re not eating enough. The parts of your body all work together – if your digestive system hasn’t absorbed enough nutritional subtract, your immune system won’t have what it needs to heal you.

Think of your body as a machine. If one part breaks down, it’s going to affect the rest of the process.


2. You’re Irritable


Irritability is a tough thing to deal with. Not only is it a bad feeling to be irritable, but it also affects those around you. If you’re irritable, you might be cycling between periods where you’re annoyed at everything and upset that you snapped on loved ones.

Your irritability can be caused by an inadequate appetite. It’s no wonder that babies cry when hungry: they’re trying to get other people’s attention to feed them. If you’re irritable, it could be your body telling you to feed yourself.


3. You’re Always Tired


Here’s another symptom that’s hard to trace. Constant fatigue can be caused by many things, but if you’re worried that you’re not eating enough, it’s something to be especially mindful of. Your body needs the nutrients it gets from food to fuel you; if it doesn’t get them, it won’t be able to run properly.


4. You’re Not Hungry


Paradoxically, not eating enough can result in a loss of appetite. This can start a vicious cycle: you don’t enough so you don’t get as hungry, you don’t get as hungry, so you don’t eat enough.
If you’re wondering why you’re not as hungry as you used to be, making yourself eat more little by little might be the best way out of it. There are also other options — like multivitamins — to make sure you get the nutrients you’re losing. Taking multivitamins could help kick off your metabolism, and get you eating right again.


5. You’re Cold


If you’ve been cold lately, even during warm weather, you might want to check your diet. Once again, your body is like a machine, and if it doesn’t have the proper coal, it won’t be able to fuel the furnace.


Know the Signs You’re Not Eating Enough


If you have the privilege to read this article online but are worried that you’re not eating enough, you’re not alone. Plenty of people face the problem of undernourishment every day.
Now that you know the signs you’re not eating enough, you can motivate yourself to get better nourishment.

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