How To Get Ready For a Date If You’re Anxious About It

An anxious girl’s guide to getting ready for a date (with minimal amount of dread).

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Anxious Woman Getting Ready For A Date

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So, you managed to catch the eyes of your crush and you exchanged your phone numbers or social media accounts.

After talking or writing to each other, you decided to go out for a first date.

Now that’s exciting!

Before a first date, almost everyone wonders how to choose the best outfit and how to get ready… But for some people, it might get overwhelming enough to trigger something I like to call “pre-date social anxiety”.

It’s OK!

It’s totally normal to feel anxious before meetings and this mini-guide on how to get ready for a date will help you do it with the lowest amount of stress possible.

Let’s get you ready for (hopefully!) the best date of your life.


How To Get Ready For a Date If You’re Anxious About It


1. Focus On Self Care


If you are planning to go on a date, you should know that it is best to avoid dressing up on a rush, especially if you’re anxious.

Instead, indulge in some self-pampering before going out and focus on relaxation techniques: do some dry brushing to wake up your body, exfoliate, jump into a bubble bath and relax.

Also, enjoy slowly doing your hair and makeup while wearing a robe.

This will help you relax and arrive at your meeting point a lot calmer.

If it happens that you don’t have enough time for things like that, choose one thing that relaxes you the most and try to fully enjoy it, without thinking too much about what is going to happen on your date.

For example, a warm shower can be just as relaxing as a bubble bath.


2. Boost Your Mood With Your Favorite Music


Music can improve your mood and relieve tension that you might feel a couple of hours before your date.

Also, listening to your favorite tune is a great way to deal with feelings of anxiety, and most importantly – it can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, get your headphones and play the songs you love the most.

If you feel the tension falling off, you can even dance a little!

It will make you feel even more relaxed.


3. Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth


In most cases, a date will happen at the end of the day.

So, even though it sounds silly, people often forget to freshen up their breath before going out!

Do your date a favor and spend some time brushing, flossing, and getting rid of all coffee or food smells from your mouth before the meeting.

Otherwise, you might appear a bit careless with your personal hygiene, which for most people is an instant turn-off.


4. Don’t Overdo Your Makeup And Hair


While there is no rulebook of how a date makeup should look, if you’re going to wear it, a safe choice would be a more natural style.

A date might not be a perfect time to rock too much eyeshadow, three layers of mascara, or a super bold lipstick… Instead, opt for a romantic look with neutral tones that will gently enhance your features.

Your features should be the emphasis of your face – not your makeup.

The same thing goes with your hair – try to achieve a natural-looking style that gently enhances your features or simply shows how healthy and shiny your hair is.

You don’t want to look like you’ve spent hours preparing your face and hair for this date… Keep it natural, real, and gently careless when it comes to makeup and hair.

Bonus tip: how to get ready for a date if you DON’T wear makeup? Focus on giving your skin a boost with a gentle exfoliator and a few hydrating masks!


5. Choose The Right Outfit


When it comes to best date outfits, the main rule is to select something that makes you feel comfortable and at the same time – stylish.

As an example, you can match your favorite pair of jeans with nice heels or you can rock an elegant dress that shows just a little bit of skin (don’t show too much though!).

Here are some nice examples:

Flowy Black Dress For A Date

ROMWE Women’s Stretchy A Line Swing Flared Dress


Cute Red Dress For A Date

Romwe Women’s Scalloped Hem Dress


Romantic Bordo Dress

ROMWE Women’s Plus Size Cut Out A Line Swing Stretchy Midi Dress

Keep in mind that you might want to check your outfit a few hours before the date.

Look for stains or wrinkles that need your attention and remember that a carefully ironed outfit instantly looks better and more expensive.


6. Review Your Purse And Items You Might Need


If your purse is overflowing with unnecessary items or old receipts, it’s a good time to quickly sort everything through and empty your purse!

Also, charge your phone, take a little makeup for quick touch-ups, grab a travel size perfume, and don’t forget to take enough money to cover for yourself in case he takes up your offer to split the bill.


7. Set Up a Plan For a Possible Bailout


Well, the truth is that not all dates are successful.

You can meet the love of your life or you can simply meet the man of your nightmares.

It is best to have a backup plan, such as telling a friend to call you at a specific hour and tell you that you need to be somewhere else.

Also, having Uber or Lyft apps quickly accessible on your phone can also be helpful.


8. Think Of a Few Interesting Questions


If you are heading for a first date, a great idea is to think about what questions you might want to ask your date.

This will prevent awkward situations in which both of you go silent and run out of topics to discuss.

This is especially useful if you have social anxiety and find it a little harder to communicate continuously.


How To Get Ready For a Date With Someone You’ve Never Met Before?


If your friend wants you to meet someone you might like but never met before, there are a few tips you should know:

  • For safety reasons (and also – for peace of your mind), it’s best to notify someone you know that you’re going on a blind date.

    Let them know where + when you’re meeting this person and ask them to check on you once in a while.

  • If you know this persons’ name, there’s nothing wrong with checking his / her social media.

    Getting a few hints on what your date likes to share can help you engage in conversations easier.


Remember – a Date Is Just a Date


Getting ready for a date can feel somehow intimidating.

We feel like everything we are will be analyzed under the microscope and inevitably feel nervous about it.

But wherever you go, always remember that people are more conscious about the way THEY look in YOUR eyes than how YOU actually look.

So you can be sure that another person feels just as anxious as you do.

I hope that by following the tips above, you will be relaxed and ready to have the best time of your life.

And who knows, maybe you might even meet that one and only!

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