How To Be Less Predictable In Relationships

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Man Showing His Partner How To Be Less Predictable

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You probably want to learn how to be less predictable in your relationships to keep your partner interested – and it may not be a difficult thing to do! If you’re in a relationship, there’s a good chance you’ve already on the right path. However, if you want to improve your relationships and open up new avenues, read on for our best tips on how to be less predictable in love and communication.


Why It’s Good To Be Less Predictable


Whether you’re dating or a partner, your relationship will usually be the same if you’re too predictable. People with predictable behavior have an easier time interacting. However, they sometimes end up getting fewer second dates. It’s okay to be less predictable in a relationship – it keeps things interesting and creates a more dynamic relationship. It adds spice, intrigue, and excitement too.

Being predictable also makes you look like a good guy/girl, which is sometimes an important factor in a relationship. For example, some people get easily detached if their partner or date becomes too easy to read.


How To Be Less Predictable

For starters, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. For example, you can try role-playing with your partner. You might find that you have a more exciting time than before!


Set Yourself Free!


When you want to make your relationships more interesting and unpredictable, you must break out of your usual behavior. You can’t afford to be too vanilla and stale. Being too predictable means that you’re not maximizing your opportunities. It can lead to less than stellar results in your relationships – and who wants that? You can make your dates more interesting by trying new things and offering spontaneous ideas. And don’t forget to change yourself as you go along – if you’re able to do that, your partner might like you even more!


Be Not So Easily Accessible


For example, don’t reply to him/her immediately every time she texts you. This will make your relationship more fun for you and your partner. Ultimately, being less predictable is a good way to increase your chances of being interesting to your partner.


Change Your Attitude


Being too predictable in your communication can lead to a lack of interest in the relationship and fewer second dates. This is why another great way to become less predictable is to change your communication habits. That is – become kinder and more supportive if you are usually on the grumpier side. Try to be more talkative if you’re usually a listener. The more ways you can communicate with your partner, the less predictable you are, and the more likely they will like you.


Be The Source Of Ideas


How to be less predictable in relationships? Make them guess what you will do together next! For people who enjoy a spicier, more colorful life, it’s important to be original and dynamic. This will make you appear less predictable, and you’ll be more interesting in the long run.




It’s important to avoid being too predictable in your relationships. More predictable people are usually the ones who have a hard time improving their relationships. Being less predictable is crucial in a relationship because:

  • It shows that you’re willing to put in more effort and work to improve your relationship.
  • By being less predictable in your relationships, you keep your partner interested in you.

Let us all be less predictable and more fun in love life!

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