Example Of Different Face Shapes (Diamond Face)

Different Face Shapes: How to Tell Which One is Yours

Mirror mirror on the wall, which one of those face shapes am I after all?

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Much like learning how to master winged eyeliner or the perfect “off-duty” model look, figuring out which face shape is yours can seem like an elusive and exhausting task.

There are many different face shapes, and all are beautiful!

Knowing your face shape can help you determine which haircut, hairstyle, or even which pair of glasses will best accentuate and flatter your face.

And while determining which of the face shapes you have can feel confusing and daunting, but have no fear – we’ve got you, girl!

Our guide is going to make it as easy as possible for you to establish which face shape you have.

Once you have learned which shape is yours, you can be sure that you will be able to elevate your look and give you the confidence to make style and make-up choices that are well-suited for you!

There are seven different face shapes and each one is unique, but it can still be hard to figure out which shape best describes your face.

The easiest way to work out which of the face shapes you have is to look at the three major points on the face.

To determine your face shape correctly, you want to pay attention to the widest part of your face, the shape of your jawline, and the length of your face.

Your forehead, cheeks, and jaw are used to determine the proportions of these points on your face.

To make it easy, we are going to break down each of the face shapes below and tell you how to determine which one you have based on the widest part of your face, your jaw, and the length of your face.


The Seven Unique Face Shapes


1. Round Face Shape


Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Chrissy Teigen, and Ginnifer Goodwin all have round face shapes.

Those with round face shapes typically have pretty symmetrical features and structure.

Such faces typically do not have prominent cheekbones, as circular faces have no major angles or edges.

How to tell if you have a round face shape: First take a look at your cheekbones – are they the widest part of your face?

If they are and the sides of your face curve a bit outward, rather than being straight then you likely have a round-shaped face.

You will likely have a softer, rounder chin, as well.


2. Square Face Shape


Those with square faces like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Lucy Liu typically have very sharp-angled jaws with features that have even widths.

If you have a square face, there is likely minimal, if any, curvature to the edges of your face.

How to tell if you have a square face shape: The best indicator of a square face shapes lies in the width and length!

If the width of your face is pretty much even to the length of your face, then there’s a good chance that your face has a square shape.

Another strong indicator is sharp, angular features – especially regarding the jaw.


3. Diamond Face Shape


Those with diamond face shapes are in good company!

Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, and Scarlett Johansson all possess this pretty shape.

Sharp angles, a smaller chin, and long lines give way to the diamond shape.

How to tell if you have a diamond face shape: First look at your cheekbones!

Those with diamond face shapes have high and pointed cheekbones, create the wide-angle part of the diamond.

To balance the high cheeks, the chine and forehead tend to be more narrow with a sharper, more angular edge.


4. Oval Face Shape


Consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face shape –you can can typically pull off any hairstyle or cut!

The celebrities that may share an oval face shape with you if yours are Blake Lively, Olivia Munn, and Jessica Alba!

You may also hear oval faces referred to as a long-shaped face.

How to tell if you have an oval face shape: The best way to determine if your face has an oval shape is through the length and width ratio.

If your face is longer than it is wide, this is a good indication that your face shape is oval.

Other key features include a round chin, softer jawline, and a higher and wider forehead.


5. Heart Face Shape


Those with heart face shape share the unique features with stars like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Lili Reinhart – you lucky duck!

Heart face shapes are marked by a wide forehead and narrow jawline.

It can be easy to mix this shape up with a diamond face shape, but keep in mind our diamond girls are more narrow at the vertical points of their faces.

How to tell if you have a heart face shape: If your chin is slender and pointed, while your forehead is the widest part of your face, then you can consider yourself a (sweet)heart face shape.

Your face will have a more narrow-angled shape as you move from the top of your face to your chin.


6. Pear Face Shape


Pear face shapes are practically inverted heart shapes.

Celebrities with pear-shaped faces include Kelly Osbourne, Sophia Bush, and Jennifer Anniston!

The easiest way to spot a pear-shaped face is by looking at the proportion of the jaw compared to the rest of the face.

If it is the widest part of the face, chances are you have a pear shape.

How to tell if you have a pear face shape:  Of course, the chin is the best indicator, but you should also consider how wide the forehead is in relation to the jaw.

If the forehead is much narrower than the jaw, and the edges of your face are smoother and less angled, then you likely have one of those pear face shapes.


7. Oblong Face Shape


Last but not least, the oblong face shape!

Stars boasting these face shapes are Joan Smalls, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Alexa Chung.

It is also common to refer to oblong face shape as a rectangular-shaped face, as the terms are used interchangeably.

How to tell if you have an oblong face shape: This one is pretty easy to determine.

Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width, with a very slightly curved chin.

Rectangular and oblong faces also tend to be longer than other face shapes.


Now that you are well-equipped with the knowledge to determine different face shapes, grab a mirror and some measuring tape!

Just kidding, you won’t need all of that.

However, do take some time to learn your face shape!

Once you know, you can optimize your haircuts, makeup, and accessories to make your face look elegant and even more beautiful than it already is.

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