Y2K Jewelry Trends You Won’t Be Able to Resist

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Have you ever wondered what happens to trends? For those born in the 90s or before, you can remember how people accessorized. They used plastic accessories, low-rise jeans, and Juicy Couture tracksuits, oh those were the days! These trends are slowly coming back into style and are considered very on-point today. How do your 90’s friends feel about that? These 90’s pieces and Y2K trends are beginning to morph together, whether we like it or not. If you are one who didn’t care for these trends, maybe after browsing some of these pieces you’ll change your mind!


A Large Necklace Converted into Waist Chains


What better way to repurpose your large old necklace than to convert it into nice waist chains? You can effortlessly wear one of these chains around your waist as a belt or as an extra-long necklace. For investment pieces as such that you’ll have long after this trend is past and transformed to something else, you can shop stunning gold accessories via Milan jewelry stores like Pisa Orologeria. Why Milan? Because Italian gold is the best in the world and nobody knows how to style gold pieces quite like Italians!


Colorful, Bead Inspired Necklaces


Often, we resort to the same designs and patterns of accessories when we get bored. But Y2K has introduced new colors and patterns of accessories so that people don’t get bored quickly, think bright in your face neon colors. A great go-to pop of color could be some plain beads and stones placed together in a necklace or bracelet pattern. These can be found at any accessory shop, but you can make your own if you are looking for something different. All you need is some beads and stones, a leather string to tie them together, and maybe a hook or clasp to close it. This is great for those who are bored with the same old accessories but don’t have the money to buy new ones. If you feel really creative, put them in your hair!

Beaded Necklace


Shell Anklets


Are you a beach lover and often spend your weekends at the beach? Want to make your outfit more exciting and stylish? Well, why not wear or make an anklet which features shells of all shapes and sizes. You can get these made or do it yourself with some leather string and beads. All you need is to find some seashells or stones that look like them and place them in a line around your ankles. This is an easy way to show how much you love the beach while still maintaining your style! Even if you hate the beach, this was such a huge trend back then as it is now that just can’t be ignored.

Woman With Shell Anklets


Chunky Plastic Rings


Y2K jewelers have released new accessories which are similar to those of the 90s. These include chunky plastic rings and wristbands. They also come in different colors so you can choose whichever suits your taste and outfit for that day. Just like other Y2K jewelry, they are very affordable but can still make a fashion statement. So, if you are looking for an accessory to make your outfit pop, go for these.

Plastic Rings Fashion

Last year presented some hard times for most people. People focused on minimalism in every aspect, including jewelry. However, this year, it is all about maximalism and doing things to the fullest. If you’re looking to bring back that carefree, nostalgic feeling of the ’90s and early 2000s this year but want a more modern twist on it-consider maximalism with Y2K jewelry. Not only does it represent what we love most about the decade (the colors), but it also has all those fun sparkles.

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