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How Expensive Is A NordicTrack Elliptical and Is It Worth It?

We’re taking a look at this popular workout machine to find out what’s the hype about.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Nordic Track Elliptical 14.9

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Photo source: NordicTrack


The NordicTrack Elliptical is one of the best and most advanced exercise machines on the market.

If you’re looking for a low-impact way to improve your fitness, with a range of pre-set workouts to keep your routine interesting, NordicTrack could be the best option for you.

Before making your purchase, reading through a NordicTrack commercial 14.9 elliptical review can be helpful – as well as this, you should think about your budget and if this machine is a sensible purchase.

Read on to find out more.


Why choose an elliptical?


An elliptical machine can be used as an alternative to running and is great when it comes to building your stamina and improving your overall cardio fitness.

If you are working on getting fit and healthy, but you need lower impact movement, an elliptical allows you to complete a workout, without putting pressure on your joints and muscles.

You can use an elliptical machine to work out both the upper and lower sections of the body, whilst also burning a lot of calories – which is an advantage if you’re hoping to lose weight.

Standing on an elliptical also targets your core muscles and allows you to work on your balance.

Just because you are standing static on a machine, that doesn’t mean your exercise needs to be boring!

You can choose a range of exercises like hill climbing and interval training to name a few – there is something to keep everyone motivated!


Features of the NordicTrack Elliptical


The NordicTrack Elliptical is one of the most modern ellipticals that you can benefit from throughout your fitness journey.

You can purchase one of these machines to use in the comfort of your own home, with features that make it the perfect option for all types of training.

The NordicTrack Elliptical features training programmes that mean you can choose from a range of iFit workouts that are uploaded each day – you can choose from studio sessions or take advantage of using the built-in screen for outdoor adventures, taking you from your home gym, up into the mountains!

The NordicTrack is Bluetooth compatible; you can connect your smartphone to the machine, and you can choose your favorite music to play through the speakers so you don’t have to wear your headphones, meaning you can stay motivated throughout your workout.

If you’re going to be using the NordicTrack as a family, you can benefit from the multi-user feature that allows up to 4 profiles within the same household to work out on the elliptical and track their progress.


Price Point


This elliptical comes in at around $1,800, and whilst it isn’t the most expensive machine on the market today, if you’re looking for a budget model, this elliptical may not be the one for you – however, it does come with such a wide range of benefits that it could be seen as an investment.

Unfortunately, the iFit subscription doesn’t come with the elliptical, so you’d be looking at paying additional costs to take full advantage of what this machine has to offer.

You can use your elliptical without iFit, but you wouldn’t get the chance to take part in the range of workouts available.

There are options to pay the costs of your elliptical with finance, as well as a payment plan so you can access the iFit workouts.


Pros & Cons


If the price point has not helped you to make your decision, here are a few of the pros and cons that come with this product.

The 14” touch screen display is one of the most notable features that might sway your decision – it can transport you to the outdoors to complete your workout and allows you to keep it exciting.

You can track your stats to see how you’re improving and keep an eye on your calories burned, as well as your heart rate.

You can access iFit anywhere at any time and take advantage of the wide range of workouts like running, cycling, hiking and strength training.

It even has a built-in fan.

Some of the disadvantages include the price point – if you’re on a budget, this elliptical may not be for you, as the additional costs can soon add up.

There is also nowhere to hold a bottle of water, or your phone, so if you like to scroll during your exercise, you’ll have to find a holder for this yourself.

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