5 Effective Ways To Speed Up Sports Injury Recovery

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Man Using Protective Tape In His Sports Injury Recovery

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Sports injury recovery is something to take seriously.


There is nothing as frustrating as experiencing a sports injury while you are trying your best to prepare for an important event in the future. Sports injuries can be quite tricky, as they can go from something minor to something that will keep you immobile for months.

While most injuries will heal on their own, a lot of athletes cannot afford the time to heal their wounds on their own. In this article, we are going to share a few tips that will help you speed up your sports injury recovery. These tips can be applied to most injuries that can be fully healed and get you back to the top of your game.


Sports Injury Recovery: 5 Ways To Speed It Up


1. Eat more protein


Whether you are preparing for a hip labral tear surgery or if you had a minor injury, there’s one thing that will help your sports injury recovery. Eating more protein, especially when you sustained an injury to your muscles, is a smart thing to do.

Why? An element that plays a huge role in muscle building is protein. By consuming more of it, you are going to increase the rate at that your muscles grow and repair themselves from injuries.

There is a saying that says that sustaining injuries only happens because you are doing the right thing. And it’s true – by stressing your muscles, you force your body to strain them and build an even stronger mass of tissue. Yet sometimes, it’s easy to overdo it and you end up injuring yourself. In such cases, increase your protein input.


2. Stay hydrated


Something that you will hear a lot of coaches say when you are warming up, working out, or recovering is that you should stay hydrated. This is also true in the sports injury recovery process.

The thing is, you probably injured yourself because you were not hydrated in the first place. Since our body is mostly made out of water, keeping your body full of water and all the necessary electrolytes will boost your recovery and speed it up.


3. Get enough sleep


In order to speed up your sports injury recovery, you should be sleeping more than ever before. Of course, if you are laying in bed and not getting exercise due to your injury, doing this might be a bit difficult, but you have to find a way to do it.

It has been proven that sleep is more important than good nutrition, when it comes to faster healing.

While getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep is suggested, if your injury is making you immobile, do not be afraid to sneak in an afternoon nap as well. Getting as much sleep as possible will speed up your sports injury recovery.

Once you notice that you are getting better, do not start trading sleep for regaining the workout strength you lost while resting. If your doctor allows it, start with very gentle exercise.


4. Use the right temperature to treat your injury


Almost everyone who has been injured during their sports career knows secret techniques for using the right temperature for sports injuries. This technique revolves around using hot and cold temperatures in shifts, which promotes circulation to the injured area and thus increases its healing rate.

Using hot and cold can speed up and improve sports injury recovery rates.


5. Get surgical assistance


Of course, sometimes, no matter how optimistic you might be about your body doing all the healing, surgical intervention might be necessary for a speedy sports injury recovery. For example, you might have to visit a knee surgeon to undergo knee surgery, because your tendon or joint needs to be treated.

Sometimes surgery is the only option. While some athletes might think that undergoing a surgical procedure is the end of their professional career, that is not always the case. A surgical procedure can make the operated part even tougher than before, making the injury even harder to occur later. Of course, it all depends on the type of injury.


Final word


There are all kinds of tips and tricks that can help you speed up your sports injury recovery. Yet the truth is, there are situations where the best thing to do is to just leave it as it is. You might need to rest for a couple of days without paying too much attention to your injury, and that will be the fastest way it will heal.

However, for the best, healthy, speedy sports injury recovery, consult your doctor – it never hurts.

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