What Is Nose Yoga and Is It Effective?

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Woman Doing Nose Yoga

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You can find almost anything on the internet. Even the absurdist of keyword phrases might end up producing some kind of search results. The word “yoga” will conjure up some sort of image in your mind. But think of “nose yoga,” and you may draw a blank. Apparently, though, it is quite a thing. And while you normally hear about rhinoplasty or a surgical nose job to reshape this facial feature, some netizens claim that nose yoga can also do the trick. So, let’s find out what this new fad is and is it here to stay.




What Is Nose Yoga?


In nose yoga, you’ll find more than a few facial exercises that claim to make the nose slimmer. You may have to stretch the skin at the sides of the nose upwards or inwards. You may also have to inhale through one nostril for a few seconds and then exhale through the other. Other than that, there’s the exercise involving applying pressure to the tip of the nose.

Woman Performing Nose Yoga Exercises

And, of course, there’s the nose massage where you apply gentle pressure on the sides of the nose as you make circular motions.

Some claim that holding the face in the shape of a smile can help you achieve your desired nose shape. There are some face contraptions available online that also claim to reshape the nose. The goal of nose yoga is to get a slimmer, less round nose. However, it almost seems that these exercises assume that the nose is made of fat and not cartilage. If you work it out, you’ll burn fat and end up with a slimmer nose. That’s the classic fallacy of spot-reduction exercises. Others say that nose yoga will tone the muscles in your nose.


Is Nose Yoga Effective?


No one can say. There’s certainly no scientific evidence backing up the effectiveness of nose yoga. Toning the muscles in the nose doesn’t sound as far-fetched, but it’s hard to say if it can bring about any real change in the shape or size of your nose. Inarguably, it won’t. As for the nose-reshaping “devices,” none have FDA approval, and clamping them on your nose certainly won’t change the underlying bone structure of your nose.

Many websites claim that nose yoga is a non-surgical alternative to nose surgery. If you’re going to do nose yoga, you should take a before/after picture of your nose (since photos on the internet can be misleading), to see if it wrought any change. And you can compare its results with that of a nose job. For that, you can check out the nose job results at Longevita. The latter is far more dramatic and prominent. And, importantly, it actually changes the nose.


What Are Your Options Other Than Nose Yoga?

There are a few things that you can try out to change the way your nose looks.




Makeup can contour your nose in the way you want. You can make it appear slimmer or smaller using the one and only – bronzer. It’s better to get a contouring kit that has a matte highlighter, concealer, and some blending brushes/sponges. Make sure that the colour of the products is darker than your skin tone so you can create the illusion of shadows. You can find a ton of video tutorials on YouTube and Instagram for this nose-slimming makeup. This is something that you’d have to do daily, of course.

Woman With Makeup Contouring Lines On Her Face And Nose


Dermal Fillers


If you have any bumps or hollowed cavities on your nose or asymmetry, you can consider getting dermal fillers. They usually contain hyaluronic acid that will plump up the area to which it is injected. It is another way you can contour your nose. Keep in mind the results from this treatment are not that dramatic. It can address minor aesthetic concerns.




This is the surgical procedure that reshapes/resizes the nose by adjusting the cartilage, tissue, and underlying bone structure. This surgery can adjust the overall size, width, and shape of the nose, and can fix problems in the bridge and tip. If you want more dramatic and permanent results, you can benefit from a surgical nose job.




So, if you want, you can give nose yoga a shot to change the shape of your nose. However, one cannot say how long it will take to see any results and if it’ll produce any results at all. Instead, you always have plenty of options to change your nose aesthetic.

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