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Natural Remedies To Get The Sleep You Desperately Need

We MUST fix our sleep and herbals can help.

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Modern lives revolve around tasks and alarms.

Have our lives always been like this before?..


The ancient humans sure lived in dangerous conditions, but there was rarely a lack of rest.

The chores were few.

Most humans spent their day around water bodies.

The temperature also played its part – there was no pollution, so there were no temperature extremes.

Farming and animal husbandry were the popular activity choices.

The studies also highlight that their daily schedule in the past revolved around their sleeping habits.

Switch to modern times, and it is all different.

There are many increasing worries every single day.

The risk of inflation knocking on the door is enough to send many into a frenzy.

Many are still scared of another coronavirus wave.

The virus came in 2019 and has caused disruptions globally.

It took lives, and many also had to lose their jobs.

Then there was a war crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the last years might have left many having trouble with their sleeping habits.

The trend is quite general among young individuals globally – most of them are going through excessive mental strain.

It’s not a surprise that many suffer and develop sleep disorders.

In ancient times, solutions were around herbs and natural medicines.

Then came the industrial and scientific revolution. A report by NBC News states that more than 5 million Americans consume sleeping pills regularly.

They can be addictive and cause unwelcome complications like vomiting, nausea, headaches, etc.

The search for alternatives pushes individuals back to herbs and organic products.

In this article, we’re talking about how sleep problems can be improved with natural herbal alternatives.


Why We Must Fix Our Sleep


Emotional tension reduces the average sleeping hours, making your body lack the energy for the next day.

A lack of sleep can make you lazier as the day progresses. It can even cause skin problems and other ailments.

A study by the Sleep Association states that more than 30% of adults in the United States of America suffer from sleep deprivation – they often sleep for less than six hours!

The trend is worse in countries like Canada, Russia, and many others.

Most experts recommend a minimal seven-hour sleep because a lack of sleep can make your mind haywire.

It can cause unrest within and induce physical complications.

Studies also find that sleep deprivation can lead to cardiac ailments.

Now, let’s look at a few herbs that can help you with your sleeping problems.


Herbal And Alternative Remedies For Insomnia




Ashwagandha plant is also known as White Cherry.

It is evergreen in nature and belongs to the Asian Subcontinent.

It is also grown in many parts of Africa, and it is green in color and is a shrub.

This plant can act as an edible in many recipes and beverages.

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)

Studies find that Ashwagandha can help your blood sugar levels, improve your memory, and decrease those high stress and anxiety levels. Lower stress levels can make it easier for you to sleep through the night and get that rest you need.

Note: a dose of more than 200 grams is sufficient for beginners.




Valerian is usually found in Asia and Europe.

It is a flowering plant.

The plant typically grows in summers and is over a meter tall.

Valerian flower has a strong scent inside.

Pink Valerian Flower Under The Sky

The Valerian root can help with emotional tension and lower sky-high anxiety levels. It can also help you relax and induce calmness in the brain.

For some people, Valerian can be a helpful way to cope with headaches and migraine.

Valerian tea has been used for relieving symptoms of many sleep disorders for centuries.

Natural Herbal Tea For Sleep(1)


Bitter Lettuce


Bitter lettuce is also known as the Lactuca genus.

The taste of its flower is mild and tender, and this plant is famous for its sedative properties.

It can come in handy as edibles in food recipes.

Many restaurants use bitter lettuce in their food recipes.

After consumption, bitter lettuce can induce sedation, which can help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for longer. It can particularly help with a lack of sleep and sleep paralysis.




CBD or Cannabidiol comes from the narrow leaves of the Marijuana Sativa plant.

The plant has historical roots in Southeastern countries.

Experts suggest it spread globally due to the rapid globalization in the recent past.

The leaves of the Sativa plant contain Hemp extract, which one can take out easily.

After extraction, it then decomposes to form CBD and other Marijuana-based extracts.

CBD can then mix with other products.

As a result, CBD-based products come as wax, powder, cookies, vape juice, oil, tinctures, and many more.

Out of these, CBD Oil for sleep is the most popular choice.

CBD-based products in the United States of America contain less than 0.3% THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

The Federal Drug Association of the United States of America suggests that products with less than 0.3% THC are legal.

The less content of THC ensures that these products are not psychoactive.

After consumption, they do not induce a heavy trance in the consumer.

A study by Statista states more than 1150 million dollar sales of CBD-based products in the United States of America.

Experts suggest the rise in sales is due to the increasing CBD benefit awareness among consumers.

The Tetrahydrocannabinol in CBD products interacts with your brain and makes you fall asleep quicker. 




Sleep controls our lifestyle – the better we sleep, the better our body becomes.

Good, restorative sleep can also regulate our energy levels for the upcoming day.

Herbs and ancestral health can decrease the symptoms of your sleeping disorders.

It can help your body and mind relax.

Their organic nature ensures there are no or minimal side effects after consumption.

Of course, it is recommended to always visit a medical expert before starting to use any herbs.

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