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Hoping For The Best: Why This Mindset Is So Important

Hope is such a powerful emotion.

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Hoping for the best can seem like an impossible task, especially when we are confronted by very stressful situations that we have never faced before – a global pandemic, messy politics, civil unrest… Just to name a few!

So, you may be saying to yourself, “how can I possibly hope for the best at a time like this?” During times of great stress and uncertainty, it requires much more motivation and willpower to hold on to hope and try to remain positive, but it is so important to our strength and to help us keep moving forward.

When we hope for the best, not only do we set positive intentions, but we also allow ourselves to be more present in the moments that we are living because we are trusting the future to work itself out.

Hope and positivity are infectious emotions and can make those around feel the same way.

By being an example as someone who is always hoping for the best, you are showing those around you the power of hope and the strength of positive thoughts.


Why It’s So Important To Hope For The Best


What is hope after all?


If you are asking yourself, “Am I someone who is always hoping for the best?”, chances are, you are also wondering what the word and emotions attached to hope really means.

Hope and positivity always go hand in hand; however, they aren’t as similar as many people think. Positivity is a mindset that chooses to believe the good things will come and that there are encouraging and affirmative aspects to every situation.

Hope is a much different concept.

The notion of hope is usually tied to words like desire, expectation, or anticipation, but these aren’t very fitting when accurately describing hope.

These emotions and concepts suggest that if the desired or expected outcome does not occur then there will be a void that is experienced.

Hope, however, is deeply rooted in trust.

Those who have hope are demonstrating a notion of trust in the future.

Always hoping for the best really means that you are trusting that things are going to work themselves out, even when it feels impossible.

So why is this mindset so important?

We’ve given you seven reasons as to why hoping for the best is a mindset that you need to have.


1. Hoping for the best can help you heal


It is inevitable that we will all face difficult and challenging times that are going to test our strength and, in some ways, hurt us.

However, being hopeful and optimistic can help us see the other side of the tunnel and give us the strength we need to power through our tough times.

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2. Hoping for the best can show us how to act


When we hope for the best, we open ourselves up to more opportunities that can greatly improve our lives.

We act in accordance with our mindset, so when we are constantly embracing hope and positivity, we are more likely to choose paths that lead to more of these things.

Hope is a bit like a compass that points you towards something extraordinary.


3. Hoping for the best is motivational


Hoping for the best is energizing and revitalizing.

When we are hopeful, it helps us to see the best in every situation.

This motivates us to continue to strive to be the best person that we can be.

It is so much easier to overcome the obstacles that life is sure to throw your way when you are motivated to keep going and hopeful that there is something better on the other side.


4. Hoping for the best encourages belief in ourselves


Hope not only gives you the strength to trust that the future will bring good things, but it also helps you believe in yourself and your capabilities to take on challenges.

When we believe that we can make something happen, we empower ourselves to take the necessary steps to turn our intentions and goals in a reality.


5. Hoping for the best will battle negative thoughts


When you are hoping for the best, you are leaving very little room for any negative thoughts.  Rather than thinking, “I can’t do this”, “nothing is going right”, or “my life is the worst”, you are replacing these thoughts with affirmations and an optimistic outlook.


6. Hoping for the best brings inner peace


Negative thoughts and pessimism can cause anxiety and stress because we fixate on a future with a negative outcome that we can’t control.

Hope is a natural warrior against despair and worry.

Hope gives way to enthusiasm and content confidence that everything that the future brings is going to be either positive or manageable.


7. Hoping for the best is contagious


Think about what it felt like, or what it currently feels like, to not trust the future, and have negative thoughts attached to what is ahead of you.

Don’t you wish that you would have had a positive and hopeful mindset to calm your mind and your worries?

When you are hopeful others who are experiencing a less hopeful mindset are empowered and inspired by your hope and positivity.

Spread hope like you are the one who needs it most.

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