13 of the Best Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

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Hobbies For 20 Year Old

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When we’re little, we’re encouraged to try all new things. We play sports, take dance classes, learn an instrument, and spend our days exploring. But as we get older, we stop being so creative and dedicate more and more of our time to work and responsibilities. Once we reach our 20s, it can feel like we have no interests to get passionate about.

But it’s not too late. Your 20s are the perfect time to reignite that creative spark and follow your passion for a new hobby.


Benefits of Having a Hobby

The benefits of having a hobby are well documented. Back in 2009, a team of researchers published a study on the Enjoyable Activities Test and found some important benefits of taking up a hobby.


Better physical health

People who scored higher on the Enjoyable Activities Test had lower body mass index, lower blood pressure, less stress, and better physical function. Not all of the hobbies were physical in nature, but there was a clear correlation between leisure pursuits and physical health.


More sleep

You might think that a hobby would eat into your sleep time, but those with hobbies were actually found to get better sleep than those who didn’t.


Lower stress

This one is a no-brainer. Those who participated in activities they loved had lower stress hormones and coped better with stressful life events. Those who scored high on the test were even found to have lower levels of depression.


More friends

People who have hobbies they are passionate about also have a wider network of friends and a more diverse social circle. This one makes sense since hobbies tend to be activities we share with others.


Some Popular Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

If you’re struggling to find a hobby you enjoy, here are 13 of the most popular hobbies for women in their 20s.


Start a Collection


Whether it’s vintage records, Funko Pops, or designer shoes, starting a collection can be a rewarding hobby. Stumbling across rare items in charity shops or garage sales is a thrill, and you’ll have a wonderful display to show for your efforts.




Who says shopping can’t be a hobby? Spending time with your friends shopping in local boutiques and stores is a wonderful way to spend time. It’s also a great way to hone your style now you’re in your 20s and curate a stylish wardrobe full of clothes you love.


Jigsaw Puzzles


Doing puzzles is a relaxing way to spend time. Research shows that it can improve short-term memory and problem-solving skills, which is a bonus. Puzzles come in a range of genres and styles. You can even test your patience with an impossipuzzle if you’re looking for a challenge.




If you want to let your creative side loose, why not take up painting? Painting has been used as a therapy for decades because its therapeutic properties are well documented.

Don’t worry about being a fantastic painter. Get yourself some basic supplies and enjoy the process of creating. You never know; you might just find your new calling.


Join a Club


Every city has countless local clubs you could join. Whether it’s a local book club or a paintball team, joining a club helps you meet new people and widen your social circle.

If the idea of going out and meeting new people isn’t for you, look for online discords or groups to join. There is a massive online gaming community and tons of message boards for everyone from movie buffs to interior design enthusiasts.


Interior Decorating


Speaking of interior design enthusiasts – decorating is another rewarding hobby for your 20s. Whether you rent or own a home, your 20s are the best time to figure out your style and showcase that through decor.

Let your creativity go wild with bold paint, wall murals, and curated furniture. This is another hobby that could easily become a new career if you’re passionate about it.


Learn a New Language


Most of us learn a little bit of a new language in school, but it rarely goes much further. Why not commit to learning a new language and broadening your horizons?

It’s easy enough to start learning a new language with online courses and videos. Or you might find local classes in your area.


Explore New Places


Who doesn’t love traveling? If you have the itch to go exploring, make a bucket list of all the places you’d love to go and turn traveling into a new hobby.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on travel, either. There are tons of incredible places to visit all over the US, from national parks to world-class ski resorts.




Running might be the perfect hobby for you if your goal is to get fit in your 20s. It’s easy to get started, and you can take it as slowly as you need.

Keep yourself on track by setting running goals and see if there’s a local running group you can join to meet other runners.


Try New Restaurants


How many restaurants are there in your city that you’ve never visited? We all do it – we find a couple of our favorite restaurants and never visit anywhere new.

In your 20s, make it a mission to try new restaurants and sample different cuisines. You could even start a food blog so you can keep track of all the wonderful new places you’ve visited.




This is a brilliant hobby to share with friends. There is a fine art to mixing cocktails and it’s easy to turn into a passion. With a little time and practice, you’ll be holding mixology nights and impressing your friends with mind-blowing concoctions.


Learn an Instrument


If you’re musically inclined, your 20s is a great time to take up an instrument. Maybe you started learning piano in school but never stuck with it, or you’ve always wanted to play guitar.

Either way, you can self-teach with online tutorials or find a local teacher to help you get started. Learning an instrument is incredibly rewarding, and you’ll be proud when you start to see your progress.


Attend Community Events


In our world of technology, we’ve lost connection with our local communities, but there is so much you can get involved with. Research your local community events and sign up as a volunteer.

You might find a local food bank, charity event, or exhibit you could help out with, and you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people in the process. This is another rewarding hobby that helps give back to your community.


How to Get Started With Your New Hobby

Starting a new hobby can be a little daunting, so here are a few tips to help you get off on the right foot.


Try a few on for size


Don’t be afraid to start a few different hobbies and let them go if they’re not right for you. We tend to have this idea that we need to stick with things, especially if we spend money on them.

But if you like the idea of a few activities, invest as little as possible and be ok with the idea that not everything will be for you. It’s better to try and hate things than be left wondering.


Try something out of your comfort zone


Test out something completely random that you’d never think of trying. If you’re terrible at it, it’s a funny story, but you might just stumble on your new passion.


Aim for relaxation


If you’re taking up a hobby to help you relieve stress, it should be something that helps you leave the world behind. Pick something that you can get absorbed in, like painting, pottery, gift-making, plant care or playing piano. If the hobby feels like work, it will worsen your stress.


Rope a friend in


If you’re stuck and don’t know how to start, get a friend to start a new hobby with you. If you love the idea of mixology, take a friend to a mixing event. Or perhaps you could sign up for a community event together.

Let them know that you’re on a self-love journey of starting a new hobby, and you’d love their help finding your way.




Your 20s are a time of self-discovery and growth, so it’s the perfect time to find new hobbies that light you up and make you feel passionate. Hopefully, this list has helped get your creative juices flowing, and you have some ideas about where to start. Whether it’s creating art or curating a collection, spend your 20s doing the things you love.

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