5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day

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Picture Portraying 5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day

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Picture Portraying 5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day

We are all well aware that staying active is important, and that we shouldn’t spend the entire day in front of a TV or a computer.

We also know that exercising or any other kind of activity improves our health and makes us feel better…

But do we really know all the benefits that physical activity offers? Here is a list of a couple of them!


5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day


1) It helps you lose weight


This is probably the first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about exercising or any other physical activity.

Being active helps to prevent weight gain and keeping us in shape. If you are into fitness, exercising in a gym alone, or with a trainer is a great choice. Running and cycling burn a lot of calories, so if you prefer outdoor activities, go for a ride in a park, or choose some more challenging places as you will need extra energy which means losing more calories.

If none of these is your cup of tea, a 30-minutes walk would burn a significant amount of calories, as well.


2) It can be great for social life


If you don’t like exercising alone, and you are more into some group sports or activities, try some aerobic classes, group training, or dance. This way you can also meet new people or spend some time with your friends while being active at the same time. Instead of meeting in a café, invite your friend to a cycling class and try something different!

Picture Portraying 5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day

If you don’t want to sweat that much, yoga is an excellent choice. So instead of buying your friend a book for a birthday, get her some light-weight yoga shoes. She is definitely not going to turn the invitation down.


3) It lifts your mood


When doing any kind of physical activity, our brain releases endorphins, which is crucial for feeling good and happy. It also decreases the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, so if you’re feeling down, try doing some workout, gardening, cleaning your apartment, or any other thing that will keep you moving.

Studies have shown that physical activities can reduce symptoms of many mental diseases such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Besides feeling less anxious, and once you see the results of exercising regularly, you will feel more confident and satisfied with yourself.


4) It helps you improve your health


The most important thing for all of us is our health. That said, being active is one of the best things that you can do for your body.

Picture Portraying 5 Huge Reasons To Be Active Every Day

Being physically active produces the “good” cholesterol, the one that maintains a good level of insulin, decreases the risk of stroke, diabetes, many types of cancer, arthritis, etc. I will not mention all the bad things that can be prevented by being physically active, as it’s too long. Besides improving your physical health, being active also improves your mental health, so light daily exercising should become your routine.


5) It reduces pain


Recent studies have shown that, contrary to the old believing, light exercises can actually relieve and treat chronic pain. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, sitting or laying down will not engage your muscles, and by the time they will become less flexible and you will need more energy to activate them.

This doesn’t, of course, mean that you should hit the gym and do some have weightlifting, but some simple, light exercises can ease the pain and strengthen the muscles. And of course, you should always consult your physician first.

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Given all this, we can conclude that being active should become a part of our everyday routine. So, decide what you enjoy the most – going to the gym alone, having a yoga class with your friend, a spin class, or just working in the garden. The bottom line is that we should all be aware of the great benefits that physical activity has to offer.

Inspired to work on your health more? Scroll down below to get more helpful tips!

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