8 Simple And Sustainable Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Even if you can afford it, saving energy would always be a great idea for your home.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Two People Looking At High Energy Bills Stressed Out

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Even if you can afford it, saving energy would always be a great idea for your home.

Not only that it can help you lower your energy consumption, but it can also help save the environment.

It’ll be your small act to reduce your carbon footprint and be more conscious of how you consume energy.

As you go on with your everyday life, you’d be surprised by how much energy you waste by the minute.

However, some things might be too overwhelming for you, especially if you’re still starting with saving energy inside your home.

To help you out, listed below are some simple and sustainable ways to reduce your energy cost.


Invest In Solar Generators


Investing in solar generators is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly with your energy consumption.

This way, you no longer have to fully connect your home to the grid as you can let the natural sun run your entire home.

While they might be a bit expensive, they’d be something that’ll help you save money and be sustainable inside your home.

Ideally, you should charge your solar generators during the day and let them harvest as much sunlight as possible.

Depending on your usage, it should help run electricity to your house the entire morning and go back to the grid at night.


Switch To LED


If your house still uses incandescent light, now’s the best time to switch to LED.

This type of light can help light up your entire home and reduce energy consumption by at least 75%.

That’ll be the perfect solution to saving energy without compromising the quality of light inside your home.

Starting from bulbs, you can even use LED strip lights to add depth and character to your home.


Use Natural Light


During the day, it’s best to use natural light as much as possible.

This can help make your home look more comfortable and homier as the sun’s light has a relaxing tone.

This also prevents you from turning your lights on and allows the sunlight to enter your home.

If you could install a skylight, it’d be better for your home while also allowing you to have a beautiful view of the sky.

During the day, it’ll be the perfect time to roll up your blinds or move your curtains to the side.


Insulate Your Home


One of the main reasons why your energy bill gets higher by the minute is because your rooms aren’t properly insulated.

This can cause you to intensify your temperature choices just to make your home feel comfortable.

To keep your home well-ventilated, you should insulate your entire home to reduce the heat that flows around your room.

You can choose between installing foam, cellulose, or fiberglass for your home.

This should provide your home with long-term effects that’ll make your entire stay comfortable.


Hand Wash Clothing


If you’re living alone or just with a few people inside your household, you might want to consider hand washing your clothing instead.

While tossing your soiled clothes in the machine would be quicker, they might not be the best choice, especially if you only handle a few loads of clothing.

To be more efficient, you should consider hand washing your clothing and allowing it to air dry.

While it might take quite a while for your clothes to be completely dry, it’ll help you save costs on your electricity bill.

You can even do this as you clean your house to feel more efficient and productive.


Clean Your Air Filters


While it might seem like a minor thing, a dirty filter can actually increase your electricity bills.

If your HVAC or AC filters are dirty, they can consume more energy as the machine works extra hard to deliver the service you need.

To keep your units working as they should while also extending their lifespan, you should regularly clean their air filters.

Moreover, allow proper ventilation for their exhaust to avoid overheating, which increases your energy consumption.


Load Your Dishwasher At Night


If you’re only living with a few people inside your household, it’ll be great if you could load your dishwasher at night to save on energy costs.

This way, you don’t have to let your machine go through the entire cycle just to wash a few pieces of utensils.

However, to make this achievable, you should stock up on utensils to help supply your day’s needs.

The only time you’ll run your dishwasher is at night, when the machine’s full and you no longer need to add more to the load.


Air-Seal Your Home


You’d be surprised how small gaps inside your home can increase energy costs.

If you open your HVAC system and it takes a long time to cool or heat up your room, it might be due to gaps and holes inside your room.

While they might seem harmless, they can force your unit to work harder just to achieve your desired temperature.

This means it’ll consume more energy, burning your pockets.

To allow your room to cool or warm up quicker, you should air-seal your entire home, especially your windows and doors.




Allowing your home to be energy-efficient will help you to save costs and be more eco-friendly to the environment.

With some adjustments and small practices, you should be able to look for ways to reduce your energy cost without harming your comfort.

It’ll be the best switch you could make for your home.

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