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6 Most Helpful Home Improvement Tips For College Students

When it comes to easy home improvement, the ball is in your court!

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We know that you’re barely in your room during your college years (blame it on the fun events and much nicer places to hang out or study!).

But hear us out – this is exactly why you need a safe (and awesome) space that feels like home when you’re away from home.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to splurge or pull an all-nighter to spruce up your space.

Whether you’ve opted to stay at home, rented an apartment with friends, or gone for the classic dorm experience, there are easy home improvement projects that you can tackle in between papers and parties.

All it takes is one session, just for a couple of hours, and you can go back to those essays that you need to finish. Tip – if you want to take the rest of the day off, you can also consider pre-written articles so you won’t have to worry about having to regain your writing momentum.

While you’re at it, order some pizza, put your feet up, and spend your time off watching your favorite series.

We don’t know about you, but this is starting to sound like the greatest idea ever!

Okay then, back to our home improvement ideas.

Check these out and see which ones you can get started on.


1. Make those cords disappear


We get it – you’ve got numerous gadgets that constantly need plugging or recharging.

But what happens when you leave cords lying around and forget to rearrange them?

Not only will you lose precious time and get a headache trying to fix them, but you’ll also keep tripping over them every time you rush to make it to class.


For those who don’t have the luxury of time


The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to get yourself a cord organizer, which is easily available in most hardware shops and online retailers.

They come in different sizes, formats, and designs, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you functionally.

You can purchase several of these for your designated charging stations: at your desk, by the TV, or beside the couch.


For those who are feeling creative


If you’re the crafty type and you’ve got time on your hands, you can design your own cord box out of a sturdy shoebox and wrapping paper.

Another efficient way to do this is to use binder clips, washi tape, and a label maker.

For the cords that you only use on occasion, stash them away in smaller containers and organize them inside one drawer.


2. Upgrade your furniture


You don’t need to completely replace well-loved furniture to breathe new life into your space.

Not only will that put a huge dent in your bank account, but it will also give you logistical nightmares moving plenty of heavy pieces in and out of your home.

Here are a few tricks you can pull instead.


Integrate your personality with wallpaper


Wallpaper has the amazing ability to liven up a space without the hassle and debris.

Choose only key areas to add this in, else you end up with an overstimulating and tacky place that overwhelms the senses.

Try doing one statement wall and using leftover wallpaper for smaller countertops or drawers, which will serve as your accent pieces.


Repurpose old mirrors to add the illusion of space


Got any old full-length mirrors lying around?

You can reuse them as decorative pieces.

Place them against a wall or corner to make your area look bigger than it actually is.

You can even use smaller mirrors on countertops or arrange them into mosaics to add texture.

College Interior Idea With Mirrors


Transform unneeded pieces into useful storage areas


What do you do with that stool that’s wasting away in your room or that bulky bookshelf that’s gathering dust?

Turn them into storage spaces, of course!

Flip your stool upside-down and hang nice-looking storage boxes or bags to create extra room for your things, or use that bookshelf as a horizontal bench, placing some cushions on top for some extra seating and using the spaces below for storage (or other decorative items).


3. Separate your work and leisure spaces


Trust us, you don’t want to mess up your mind by utilizing one whole area for both work and relaxation.

You can’t truly unwind when the place where you’re supposed to rest is associated with memories of typing away on a laptop in the middle of the night.

Establish some healthy boundaries for yourself and assign different areas for home activities.

Take note, your space doesn’t have to be enormous to accomplish this.

Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Rearrange your furniture so that everything work-related is on one side of the room, and the rest on the other.
  • Invest in smart storage! If you’re working in a very limited space, places to hide your gadgets will be a lifesaver.
  • If there’s no way you can store your work stuff, purchase a room divider so that you can literally divide your area into two spaces.

College Interior Idea Separate Study Place


4. Small accessories work wonders


The most practical way to infuse your space with your personal touch is through small accessories.

Whether you thrift these, get them as gifts from friends and loved ones, or buy them from a furniture shop, use these items to show off who you are and what you love.

Get started with this simple list:

  • Freshen up your room (literally and figuratively) with a few indoor plants! Place them near windows or on tables.

    If you live near parks or flower shops, you can take home fresh flowers frequently and use them in the kitchen, on your desk, or on your coffee table.

  • Revisit old souvenirs from your travels and use them to decorate your leisure area. If you have open shelving, place them there together with some colorful books and a potted plant, instantly making it an Instagrammable nook.
  • Invest in modern frames and hang up your favorite photos so that you’ll always have a reminder of home.
  • Create a cozy and warm ambiance with fairy lights, which are super affordable!

    Place them behind white curtains or hang them against a wall in your leisure area to put you in a relaxed mood.

College Interior Idea With Plants


5. The Mental Factor


Do you notice that you feel more stressed and tense when your place is a chaotic mess?

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.

This section is all about maintaining your space so that you don’t end up wanting to run away from your own place to escape anxiety.

These practical tips may help:

  • Block off one weekend to evaluate your space. Look at your room layout, lighting, decorations, and personal belongings.

    Which elements create the most eyesores?

    Which areas do you feel most uncomfortable in?

  • Learn to declutter. And no, Marie Kondo is not the only home organization method out there.

    If she isn’t your style, look up other techniques that may resonate more with you.

  • Leverage the power of sound. Music does wonders for your mental health.

    Create different playlists for different home activities and get yourself some nice speakers to improve sound distribution.


6. Put on a fresh coat of paint


Sometimes, the best do-over comes in a fresh touch of color.

Incorporate new hues in those drawers or desks using chalk paint.

Not only is it less time-consuming to use than regular paint because it doesn’t require any prep before usage, but it gives off a great matte finish and lasts long.

You can even seal it with wax to extend its life.

If you’re up for a more major project, you can even redo an entire wall.

Make it more fun by getting your friends to help you out (just make sure to treat them to good food at the end of the day!).

Not only will this make your space feel new, but getting some physical labor in and working up a sweat can be therapeutic for your body and soul.

And there you have it! Now the ball’s in your court. Challenge yourself to do at least one of these activities, and move forward from there.

We guarantee that the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after doing it will be worth the time and effort.

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