How Many Calories Can You Burn With Paddle Boarding?

On those days when you are not in the mood to hit the gym, you can opt for paddleboarding.

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Updated on January 17, 2023

Woman Burning Calories While Paddleboarding

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Many people wonder whether they can lose a few pounds with paddleboarding If you, too, have this question, the answer is a big yes. Stand-up paddle boarding is indeed a great workout. The best part is you have great fun while doing so. It will always keep you motivated and can act as a suitable means for cardio.

Paddle boarding is relatively easy as you find many workouts to be. The more you add to it, the more you benefit. And when you delve into this on a recurrent basis, you can get a healthy outcome on the same. To learn more about paddle boarding, you can check out Maddle.

Let’s take a look at how paddleboarding helps to lose weight quickly and what you need to know.


How many calories can you burn with paddle boarding slowly?


If you calculate on an average, you can burn as much as 330 to 460 calories every hour when you are doing recreational paddle boarding. That is more than what you burn by walking in the morning for about an hour or so. The recreational, average paddle gets done on the calm water with light winds at a walking pace.

When you are into high-impact workouts, it could adversely impact the joints. Hence, you should choose low-impact paddleboarding, which can help you opt for moderate activity.


How many calories can you burn with paddle boarding intensely?


You can burn as much as 620 to 745 calories every hour. If the waves are more intense, you will burn more calories. It is also a great type of cross-training for conventional surfers. And if you aren’t a surfer, it can be a challenging and stimulating way for your cardio session.


How many calories get burned with paddleboarding touring?


The paddleboarding touring takes place at a quicker pace instead of recreational paddling. Hence, you can burn 610 to 700 calories every hour during the session. If you are a frequent paddler, it can enable you to lose all the pounds that you have accumulated during the winter. You can burn calories without moving into the gym when you get involved with this. And you can check your destination in an entirely new way as you are here.


How many calories can you burn with paddleboarding racing?


Do you love a little bit of competition? If yes, you can go ahead and meet a new outlet. It is an excellent form of cardio and can burn as much as 720 and 1130 calories every hour. It is a great way to burn ample calories while enjoying a competitive vibe.


What about paddle boarding fishing?


Finally, paddleboarding fishing can also enable you to lose out on calories. When you have a fishing pole in your hand, you can spend some time paddling the fishing spot. Even though both help you burn calories in various ways, you can benefit from both. Hence, paddleboarding can help you lose out on excess weight.


Visiting the gym daily can often turn boring. On those days when you are not in the mood to hit the gym, you can opt for paddleboarding. It will be a nice diversion, and you will lose weight too!

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