LASIK Recovery: 8 Tips For a Smooth Comeback After Laser Assisted Eye Surgery

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Man Protecting His Eyes While In Lasik Recovery

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Just the thought of going through laser assisted eye surgery (LASIK) is quite intense, but LASIK recovery can indeed be tricky if you are too carefree about it. In order to have the best and fastest LASIK recovery, we are going to share some of the most common and useful tips that surgeons have to share with their patients.


What is LASIK eye surgery?


The term LASIK stands for Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery, and it is a surgical procedure that can help the person correct their eyesight and remove their need for glasses or contact lenses.

According to reputable eye surgery clinics, like LASIK eye surgery in Sydney, the prices are quite affordable these days. The promise of glasses-free life and affordable pricing are one of the main reasons why LASIK’s popularity has risen so much.


8 Tips For a Smooth LASIK Recovery


1. Use the eye shields to protect your eyes while in LASIK recovery


Once you receive LASIK eye surgery, you are going to receive a pair of goggles or so-called eye shields that you will have to wear in order to protect your eyes. They are very useful in LASIK recovery because they can prevent you from touching your eyes during the night.

While these eye shields are not completely necessary for LASIK recovery, it is highly advised that you keep them on for the first few nights so you do not touch your eyes accidentally.


2. Do not rub your eyes


What not to do after LASIK? Rule number one is to not rub your eyes. If you are not comfortable with wearing eye shields at all times, then it is absolutely crucial to never rub your eyes while in LASIK recovery. Yes, not even if you really feel the need to do so.

Once the procedure is complete, your eyes will feel a bit uncomfortable. You will want to rub them, but you really shouldn’t. Again, wearing those eye shields is a great idea, as they will make it harder for you to rub your eyes if you get a sudden urge to do so.


3. Do not skip your LASIK recovery follow-up appointments


After LASIK surgery, you will have to go back for a checkup the next day. Then, you will have to do so every few weeks.

While at one point it might seem like a checkup is no longer necessary, and your eyesight could be fine, you should still do it. Doctors can still find something irregular in the situation even if everything seems fine during your LASIK recovery. It is better to make sure you are fine than to have issues in the future.


4. Remember to use eye drops


One standard during LASIK recovery is to use eye drops. There are different eye drops that your doctor can recommend, but they essentially do the same job, which is to keep your eyes from drying out. They will prevent the likelihood of an infection.

It is also recommended to wash your hands regularly once you stop using eye shields, and to keep them far from your face too.


5. Getting enough rest is essential for a smooth LASIK recovery


Whether you are getting LASIK, or if you got a different surgery from a keratoconus specialist, one of the essential ways to recover is to get enough sleep.

Getting rest lets your body repair itself, as it does not have to focus on other things. It lets your mind be clear too, so there is no stress or pressure from your regular daily activities.


6. Being in clean environments is important


It might be a bit obvious, but after you have any kind of eye surgery, you should avoid areas that are filthy. By this, we mean environments that have a lot of dust or smoke because this will irritate your eyes and ruin your LASIK recovery.

Avoid places such as darkrooms, printing shops, labs, and other similar locations.

Strained Eyes


7. While in LASIK recovery, avoid sports


While sports are usually a fantastic activity to keep your body healthy, after you go through eye surgery, they are something that you might want to avoid for a while. Well, at least the ones that are intense.

The reason to avoid exercise during LASIK recovery is that you can receive an infection by being in close contact with others, and sweat can also go into your eyes.

It is suggested to wait at least two weeks before you can do sports.


8. Avoid makeup, completely


Of course, makeup is something that you will have to completely avoid as long as your doctor tells you that you are allowed to. This is not because makeup will intervene with your LASIK recovery, but because it can accidentally get into your eyes, or it can get you to touch your eyes.


Final word


Some of these LASIK recovery tips might be obvious. However, you will be surprised just how often your mind can easily wander, and you end up breaking the rules that your doctor tells you to follow. This is especially the case with rubbing your eyes when they are feeling itchy. So one last time, we would like to remind you to wear those eye shields!

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