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How to Protect Your Eyes in Today’s Digital Era

Is the digital world hurting your beautiful eyes?

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We are literally living in the digital era where everything is available and accessible through smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops while leaving our eyes glued to the different screens more than ever before.

Where does this lead in terms of eye health?

We are putting our eyes at a greater risk of digital eye strain – or computer vision syndrome.

The chances are that if you are already having eyesight problems, you might even be pondering: is Lasik worth it?

But, if your peeps are still somehow surviving the daily digital abuse and doing fine, it is the best time to care for your eyes more than ever before!

Coming back to the computer vision syndrome, you can expect the following symptoms to occur:

  • Focusing Problems;
  • Eye Strain;
  • Irritated Eyes;
  • Itchy/ Burning Eyes;
  • Neck & Shoulder Strain;
  • Blurry Vision;
  • Frequent Headaches.


Computer Vision Syndrome – Very Common


Nowadays, many people work remotely and take classes online, either on their smartphones or laptops.

And what do you do when you are not working or studying?

The answer is that you are watching Netflix or playing video games!

With most of the time spent focusing on digital screens, the eyes’ blinking rate has tremendously dropped (down to 66%), which results in itching, dry, and irritated eyes.

Other factors that play a crucial role in this syndrome include but are not limited to the following:

  • Poor body posture;
  • Blue Light (emitted from computer screens);
  • Computer Setup.


How to Protect Your Eyes: Essential Steps to Safeguard Your Vision & Eyes

You can make the following adjustments to decrease the risks of digital eye strain and to protect your vision.


1. Build an Efficient Work/ Study Station


If you want to protect your eyes and get healthy, we recommend building/ setting up an efficient work or study station which will enable you to maintain a good body posture while you are working/ studying.

The thumb rule is to place your computer/ laptop screen at arms-length while adjusting it to be slightly below your eye level.

This helps you maintain a substantial distance from the screen while your back will remain straight and your shoulders and neck won’t take undue stress.


2. Screen Positioning


Your screen should never tilt upward.

Thus, effectively position your screen to diminish glare for your eyesight protection.


3. Invest in Computer Eyewear


If you want to maintain your eyes healthy for a long time, consider investing in high-quality sunglasses from a trusted vendor like GlassesUSA.

In addition, you can ask your optician about their selection of anti-reflective glasses with specifically formulated coated lenses that not only block blue light but also selectively absorb it.

These lenses can provide effective protection against the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens.

Moreover, for added eye protection, you can consider adding a protective screen to your laptop or computer.

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4. Incorporate the 20/20 Rule


You might have heard about the 20/20 rule before, but the chances are high that you might have never tried to implement it in real life.

That said, it is time to implement it while remote working or remote studying: rest your eyes for 20 seconds after every twenty minutes of screen time.

Provide some relief to your eyes by looking at an object that is at least 20 feet away before you resume looking at the screen.


5. Adjust Lights and Screen Brightness


You can take off the strain from your eyes by changing the bright white background color into a cooler shade of grey.

While you set up your work/ study station (which has become a necessity due to social distancing and global lockdowns), make sure to decrease the amount of surrounding light by dimming it against your computer screen.


6. Zoom in to The Text


When you see something written in small fonts, you don’t have to put your eyes unduly – all you need to do is increase the size of the website/ text and provide your eyes with the much-needed relief.

And while you are scrolling through the internet, watching your favorite movies, playing video games, or face-timing your friends and family, don’t forget to blink!

Blinking is an effective way to keep the eyes lubricated so that your peeps can stay moist.


Whatever you do, always remember that your eyes are one of the most important, vital organs you have.

Take care of them, protect them and keep them happy to enjoy a healthy vision for life.

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