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8 Things That Might Help Us All To Live Longer And Healthier Lives

Number 1 will not surprise you.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 13, 2023

Healthy Person With A Healthy Lifestyle

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There is no surefire way to guarantee a longer life, as life expectancy is influenced by a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, and lifestyle.

As we age, the body starts to show signs inside and out, including wrinkles.

The good news is there are several things you can do to improve your chances of living a longer and healthier life, even if we can’t reverse aging entirely.

Let’s look at ways you can potentially live a longer life, and reduce signs of aging.


1. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


The first thing you should do if you want to live longer is adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Not only will this help to reduce the signs of aging, but it will help you lead an overall better life.

A healthy lifestyle includes the following actions.


  • Eating a healthy diet;


  • Regular exercise;


  • Maintaining a healthy weight;


  • Getting enough sleep;


  • Avoiding harmful habits.


2. Reduce Stress


Let’s face it, everyone is going to experience stress in their life at some point.

The important thing is that you take control and manage it properly.

Chronic stress can increase the risk of age-related diseases and shorten your lifespan.

Practice stress-management techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises.


3. Keep a Solid Social Circle


As we get older, it can become more difficult to socialize.

The problem is that isolation and not having a social circle can cause health issues.

Having strong social connections and a sense of community has been linked to longevity.

Make an effort to spend time with friends and family, join clubs or organizations that interest you, and volunteer in your community.


4. Exercise Your Brain


Your brain needs exercise just as much as your body does to stay young.

Keeping your brain active and engaged can help stave off age-related cognitive decline which can go hand in hand with physical signs of aging.

If you want to keep your brain sharp, we suggest the following!


  • Reading;


  • Puzzles;


  • Learning new skills;


  • Taking classes.


5. Practice Preventative Healthcare


When we’re young and spry, it’s easy to ignore going to the doctor unless there’s an issue.

If you want to slow down the aging process, however, you should be practicing preventative care.

Attending regular checkups and screenings can find problems before they arise, and keep you feeling young longer.

We also cannot stress enough how important it is to see your medical provider if you have questions about your health!


6. Take Care of Your Emotional Health


Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can have negative effects on your physical health and lifespan.

They can also encourage premature physical signs of aging.

It’s important to check in with yourself, and get help when you need it.

Take time to take care of yourself, and rest when you need to to minimize stress and anxiety in your life.

Your skin will thank you.


7. Live Safely


As we age, we tend to settle down, but it’s important to practice living safely.

That means wearing your seatbelt, knowing your limits and avoiding risky behavior.

Everyone should be able to have fun, but as you get older it’s best to stay away from situations that could result in injury or illness.

It’s a great way to reduce potential early signs of aging, physically and internally.


8. Take Supplements


Along with a healthy and safe lifestyle, anti-aging supplements can give you another youthful boost.

You’ve surely heard of the key players such as collagen and curcumin, but there’s another player on the anti-aging scene – NMN.

This supplement is used within the body to improve NAD levels, which are used to keep the signs of aging at bay.

By the time we reach middle age, we have about half of the NAD+ levels we used to.

Research has shown that NMN supplements may improve these levels, thus reducing physical signs of aging.

Check out some of the best NMN supplements here.  




To sum it up, making lifestyle changes and controlling stress can reduce signs of aging.

Remember, we cannot actually make ourselves live longer or stop aging, but we can take steps to ensure we are taking care of our bodies and skin to stay looking younger for longer!

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