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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Flooring

Like everything in your home, your floor is prone to wear and tear.

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Like everything in your home, your floor is prone to wear and tear.

Whether you have hardwood, tile, stone, laminate, or vinyl click flooring, there is bound to come a time when your floor needs to be updated.

While minor scratches or discoloration can often be repaired, there are certain changes you should look out for that suggest a full replacement floor.

But how exactly can you tell when a floor needs to be replaced?

Here are four signs that indicate when you need to replace your flooring.


1. Stubborn stains


Stains that won’t go away, no matter how much you scrub them, could be a sign that you need to replace your flooring.

Whether you have a hardwood floor, laminate, or vinyl flooring, all floor types can discolor over time, and that’s why it’s essential to keep your floor clean and well-maintained.

Sometimes, however, the discoloration can indicate mildew or mold, which can be damaging to health and will only get worse over time.

Laminate or vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and is less prone to water damage.

This is worth considering if you need to replace your floors and you have a busy lifestyle or have young children.


2. Uneven patches


As flooring ages, it can begin to work loose, causing the surface to become uneven or potentially even buckle under your feet.

If this happens, then you definitely need to think about replacing your floor.

Likewise, you should consider a replacement if you feel soft spots anywhere on your flooring.

This could mean that the flooring or subflooring is rotting and so it will need to be replaced.


3. It looks dated


If your floor hasn’t been replaced since you moved into the property, then it might be time for a replacement.

Not only will updating tired old flooring modernize your living environment, but there might also be hidden issues, such as water damage, that you can’t see.

While the style of flooring you choose will depend on your individual taste, make sure that it also suits your lifestyle.

For instance, if you have young children who are likely to make a mess, then look at easy-clean options, such as laminate or vinyl flooring.

These modern flooring styles are practical but can also look authentically like natural wood or stone.


4. Cracks


One of the most obvious signs that your floor needs replacing is when cracks and dents begin to develop.

While general wear and tear can often be repaired, cracking in your floor is usually a sign that it’s time to replace it.

At the very least, a cracked floor looks unsightly; at worst, it can be a health hazard.

Regardless of whether you have wood or vinyl flooring, deep cracks can become a breeding ground for germs and other bugs.

They also make the flooring more vulnerable to water damage.

It’s therefore advisable that you replace your flooring if it starts to develop deep cracks.




Knowing when it’s time to replace your floor is essential.

A floor that’s in need of being updated will not only look poor.

It can even be unhygienic and detrimental to your health and well-being.

Keep an eye out for these four signs so that you know when you need to replace your flooring.

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