4 Common Causes of Knee Pain + What Can Help

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Woman Experiencing Arthritis - One Of The Common Causes Of Knee Pain

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Most people face knee discomfort even when performing basic activities like getting into a car, climbing the stairs, etc. Mild to acute knee pain can negatively impact your life. Before beginning knee pain treatment, you must first understand what is causing your knee pain to address the issue at its source.


Common Causes of knee pain

Several factors can cause knee pain, the most common being trauma, disease, and dysfunction.


1. Direct trauma


Direct trauma is a critical cause of knee pain and can be caused by genetic weakness, overuse of the knee, falls, and various accidents.


2. Arthritis and knee pain 


Arthritis, a disease that affects the cartilage in the joints, can cause knee pain. This cartilage provides a slippery and thick layer of protection for the bones, allowing them to move freely without friction. When this cartilage breaks down, it causes stiffness in the body, leading to pain, inflammation, and discomfort.


3. Runner’s knee and pain 


Patellar chondromalacia is another cause of knee pain, commonly known as “runner’s knee.” It affects people engaged in sports that involve a lot of jumping and running. When the knee cartilage wears away, the bones in the knee rub against each other. The degeneration of this knee cartilage causes the kneecap to align poorly, resulting in trauma and stress.


4. Lower back pain causes discomfort in the knee


Back discomfort can also cause knee pain as nerves in the lower spine are connected to it. For example, a pinched nerve in your lower back caused by an inflamed lumbar disc can send pain down this nerve branch right into your knee.


How to alleviate knee pain


Mild to acute knee pain can disturb your quality of life, so it should never be ignored. Specialists from Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine recommend that you seek targeted treatment for the problem without delay. An expert can treat knee pain by adjusting the alignment of your spine.

Often, misalignments in the spine place extra pressure on your joints, resulting in knee pain. Your chiropractor will assess the spine and align it correctly to bring balance to the body.


Remedial massage for knee pain treatment and relief


Remedial massage, which uses the exact application of pressure on specific body points to alleviate discomfort and pain, is an effective method to relieve inflammation, despair, and stiffness in the knees.


Correction of posture


Your chiropractor may also adjust your posture to distribute the body’s weight evenly, reducing strain on painful knees. Targeted exercise is another helpful way to reduce pain in your knees. Your chiropractor might recommend targeted posture exercises and a nutritional diet to ensure long-term healing.




Knee pain can limit your movement and affect your overall life. It’s best to work with a skilled and experienced chiropractor to alleviate knee pain safely. Read reviews of the chiropractor you choose to know you are in good hands.

And finally, never neglect this pain, as it generally worsens with time. If you want to stay fit, timely action will make a lot of difference.

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