9 Best Diabetes-Friendly Restaurants In New York

You can find unlimited options for healthy food in New York City.

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Updated on December 16, 2022

Woman Eating In One Of The Best Diabetes-Friendly Restaurants In New York

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New York is one of the greatest cities. It has everything you could ever want – architecture, food, culture, and world-class entertainment. The city is affectionately called The Big Apple, or if you want to feel like a local, New Yawka. But what if you’re living with diabetes? This can pose many challenges, but there are ways to avoid them. Today we’re sharing our top picks for the best restaurants for people with diabetes in this city.

A recent study suggests that one in three New York City residents has diabetes or pre-diabetes. This means that almost 8 million people have some form of diabetes in the New York City area. About 5% to 6% of the city’s population has diabetes, and only 1.4% keep it under control using dietary management, diabetes meal plans, and exercise. Diabetes is a serious condition that can cause blindness, amputations, heart disease, and kidney failure. However, following a balanced diet can help you manage your blood glucose levels, lose weight and feel better. This is why we have made this list of some best restaurants in New York to help you out with your diabetes meal plan. 


What are The Best Diabetes-Friendly Restaurants in New York?


The best diabetic-friendly restaurants in New York are wonderful places to dine if you are on a diet. These restaurants offer great-tasting food that is low in carbs, sugars, and saturated fats. The following list includes some of the best restaurants that have been designated as being diabetic-friendly by the American Diabetes Association:


1. Bouley


One of the best restaurants for a diabetes meal plan, Bouley is one of the most highly rated restaurants in New York City, and it is known for its outstanding French cuisine. The restaurant has received several awards, including one from Food & Wine magazine, which named it one of America’s Best New Restaurants. The chef-owner David Bouley was named Chef of the Year by Gourmet magazine, and he also received a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northeast in 1994.


2. Casa Mono


Casa Mono offers Spanish tapas and small plates that are perfect for those following a low-carb diet or who need to watch their sugar intake closely due to diabetes concerns. An extensive selection of wines available at Casa Mono makes this restaurant ideal for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries with friends and family members, watching their diets closely because of health concerns such as diabetes (or simply because they want to stay fit.


3. Le Pain Quotidien


Another perfect restaurant for your diabetes meal plan is Le Pain Quotidien, it offers healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that are free of refined sugars and saturated fats. The restaurant also offers gluten-free loaves of bread and pastries made with organic flour. Additional menu items include salads, sandwiches, soups, and an assortment of vegetarian dishes.


4. The Spotted Pig


The Spotted Pig offers an extensive menu with many healthy choices, including salads, seafood entrées, and burgers made from grass-fed beef. The restaurant is also known for its selection of craft beers on tap and its wine list featuring some organic selections that are lower in sulfites than most wines sold in stores today.


5. Dean & Deluca


Dean & Deluca has a variety of healthy options for your diabetes meal plan, including salads, sandwiches, and soups that are low in fat and sodium but high in fiber content. The restaurant also offers plenty of vegetarian options, including pizza without cheese or meat toppings, as well as pasta dishes made with whole wheat pasta instead of white flour pasta sheets.


6. Sarabeth’s


Sarabeth’s is a popular New York City breakfast spot that offers many options for people with diabetes. Their menu features a wide variety of healthy breakfasts, including omelets made with egg whites or tofu and whole wheat pancakes with fruit toppings. The restaurant also offers gluten-free pieces of bread and pastries to pair with their egg dishes.


7. Whole Foods Market


Whole Foods Market has an extensive selection of healthy foods like fresh produce, lean meats, seafood, and more. Their deli section features a wide range of salads that are low in calories but high in nutrients, such as a salmon salad served over mixed greens with avocado slices or rotisserie chicken salad served over romaine lettuce leaves with cranberries and almonds tossed in a lemon vinaigrette dressing topped off with tomato wedges or steamed broccoli florets on top.


8. Eataly


Eataly is an Italian food emporium that has become world-famous for its fresh ingredients and simple recipes. The restaurant’s menu includes portions of pasta, pizzas, and salads made with whole grains and vegetables, as well as cured meats and cheeses from around Italy. You’ll find everything from risotto to meatballs on the menu at Eataly’s restaurants in New York City — just ask for a low-carb version of any dish!


9. Eddie’s Sweet Shop & Diner


Another remarkable outlet for your diabetes meal plan is Eddie’s Sweet Shop & Diner offers customers a unique experience at each location — each diner has its theme based on a different city or state across America (there are six locations throughout New York City).




While it is true that you can find unlimited options for healthy food in New York City, finding that perfect place where everything is exactly what you want can be challenging. Make sure to ask the waiter if the meal you chose is diabetes-friendly – it never hurts to be double-sure!

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