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Top 5 Livescore Apps to Track Your Favorite Team

In a heated game situation, any sports lover loses can lose their patience without a quick update.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Watching Football Game Livescore

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Many people miss their favorite match due to workload or arriving late from the office.

But did you know you can track the score of live matches through your phone?

There are so many apps available where you can check the status of the ongoing matches in a second.

This article discusses the top 5 livescore apps to track your favorite team.

Livescore apps are mobile applications designed to deliver your favorite team’s status, including ongoing matches’ scores.

It uses API technology to transmit information from one interface to another.

Here are some of the best apps to track the status whenever you want.


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5 Best Livescore Apps To Track the Performance of Your Favorite Team


Many mobile applications offer instant status of live matches.

But we will focus on popular apps that people in today’s life widely use.


1. FlashScore


FlashScore is an excellent choice to track the status of the ongoing matches of Football.

It covers all the major tournaments in Football that happens worldwide.

It presents the instant score with the lightning speed of the ongoing matches.

Apart from that, it allows watching live sports events online.

The unique part of this app is it contains a quick tutorial on using this app that makes the user’s experience more pleasant.

It also offers a convenient push-notification option where users can customize the notifications according to their convenience and get notifications via messages they are interested in.

FlashScore also hosts 30+ sports, including cricket, tennis, basketball, boxing, and many more.

It flashes all the major tournaments of all the sports it contains, and lives videos are also displayed in the app. 100 million+ people have already downloaded the FlashScore, and shown their love for getting quick details at a glance.


2. SOFA Score


The next app on the list is SOFA Score which stands for Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score.

SOFA, by its name, suggests that you just need to relax and track your favorite team on your couch.

Its advanced API will gather all the information, including a score of the live matches, without any effort.

Some special features of the SOFA Score mobile-based livescore app distinguish it from other apps of this zoner.

Like it generates match predictions that excite you watching the upcoming match.

The next feature is you can find the recordings of previously missed matches and watch them anytime you want.

It has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy to reach the live matches.

SOFA Score app focuses on Football and covers all the matches of big tournaments happening worldwide.

Additionally, it displays live scores of 21 more sports in the world with their major championships.


3. Goal Live Score


Goal Live Score is the biggest platform for Football that captures all the information about European competitions.

It also covers league matches happening around the world and global football tournaments.

The goal has the broadest range of events coverage related to sports.

The best feature of this app is that you can comment during the live matches and even talk with your friends and others, making watching the match more interesting.

Here, you will get all the information about the players, and you can even compare them to find the better player.

This live score mobile application is already trusted by more than a crore of people worldwide to see the highlights on the go.


4. Forza Soccer


Forza Soccer’s live score app features more than 400 leagues that are organized globally.

It shows the live score of all the league matches or tournaments with lightning speed.

Additionally, it provides the stats and updates of the old and the latest matches you have missed out on.

Also notified about the next match of your favorite team so you won’t miss it.

The latest news is also available on the platform, where you can read and stay up-to-date about any football matches.

Forza Soccer provides a detailed line-up of the match that will make you feel like you are watching on the ground.

The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate the options available and check the score.

Forza Soccer is available for both; Android and iOS users, making it more flexible to stay tuned for tracking your favorite team.


5. FotMob


FodMob is as popular as other livescore apps mentioned in the list.

This app has been in the market for 15 years and has gained the attention of about 6 million football fans worldwide.

It covers all the major league matches and global tournaments, including Asian tournaments like AFC.

Besides, you can also access the national and international matches that are popular on an international level.

It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows you to search for your favorite team or tournaments and enjoy the score displayed on your screen.

FotMob provides the user with the game’s current line-up and displays the live match’s score at lightning speed.

It also displays schedules for the next tournaments, the expected players, and their past performance.

All the users can set up their personalized feed and enjoy the match they are interested in.


Final Verdict


If you’re a sports fan, you must have asked your friends or colleagues about your favorite match or team score.

But your friends can’t always give you instant updates.

In a heated game situation, any sports lover loses can lose their patience without a quick update!

These best live score apps use the advanced API to display the live matches information within a fraction of a second.

Significantly, some of these livescore platforms carry out the previous match videos and the latest updates of your favorite players.

You can download the best app on your smartphone and access the accurate updates on the tip of your finger.

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