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5 Ways To Grow Your Confidence When Battling Addiction

Addiction should not be a threat to your confidence and self-esteem…

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Addicted Woman Who Lacks Confidence

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Shy Woman Battling Addiction

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We all have that one friend who walks into the room with their head high, striking up a conversation with everyone they see, and seemingly not missing a beat as the confidence practically drips off of them!

So, how do they do it?

How can YOU do it, especially when facing a challenging addiction?

Self-confidence is not something you’re born with.

It’s something you develop as you grow or work on in your daily life.

These five simple techniques can help you boost your confidence and take over the spotlight!


How To Grow You’re Confidence When Battling Addiction


1. Create a Morning Routine


The first step – start the day off RIGHT!

A morning routine is essential to nearly all successful people.

It not only will help you do better in your own life, but it will help you professionally too.

Start by setting your alarm clock just 30 minutes earlier and each week add in one of the following.

These routines may not be essential for everyone, but if you pick and choose what works for you, you’ll create a morning routine that works!

  1. Drink a glass of water (okay, I lied – this one DEFINITELY needs to be in everyone’s morning routine because water is life!);
  2. Do some light stretching or a calming yoga routine;
  3. Take a moment – or 30 – to meditate (this one may seem silly, but centering your mind and focusing your thoughts brings significant clarity.);
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast;
  5. Plan out the essential parts of your day;
  6. Journal.

I know it sounds simple, but it works!

Morning routines help you prepare your day and not fall victim to the early morning cortisol dump that forces you to jump into action and starts your day off stressful.

This technique is so successful in fact that some of the top inpatient drug rehab centers use this with their clients to get them back on track mentally and deter relapse.


2. Get Your Body Moving


After you get home from work, don’t just veg on the couch or reach for that glass of wine!

Getting your body moving is essential to keeping the good times flowing.

Now, I’m not suggesting you spend a grueling 3 hours in the gym after you’ve worked all day (unless that’s your thing – then go right ahead)!

Take the pups for a walk, go on a hike, take your kids to the park and join them on the playground – whatever activity that sparks your interest is good.

Not only will this keep endorphins flowing through your body (aka natural feel-good juice) but it can also make your physique tone out and make you FEEL better.

Getting your body moving in lieu of drinking alcohol can also be a great way to avoid addiction.

I know what you’re saying – I’m struggling with self-confidence, not addiction.

Unfortunately, though, the two often go hand-in-hand.

One drink feels good, which leads to two, which leads to a whole bottle.

Before you know it, you’ve built up a physical dependence on alcohol to feel good and you can’t stop on your own.

Physical fitness helps give your body similar effects to drugs or alcohol without all the nasty side effects.

Beautiful Woman Exercising


3. Surround Yourself with Positivity


As you start waking up earlier and moving more, you’ll want to be sure you keep your mind in the right space!

Especially if you’ve been leaning on pills or drinks to dull that self-doubt ache, surrounding yourself with positivity can be essential for your mental health to keep you on this confidence-building journey.

The best ways I’ve found to stay positive are:

  • Follow inspiration feeds on social media (I love me a good quote!);
  • Write down positive affirmations during your morning routine and put those sticky notes all over your laptop or workspace;
  • During your morning walk, identify at least three wonderful parts of nature;
  • Practice visualization during meditation;


4. Journal It Out


Another amazing addition to your morning routine or positivity ritual is mental health journaling.

You can focus on confidence-building exclusively, or aim to better your overall mental health.

Journals often come with prompts so you aren’t left wondering what to write about.

Journaling is also a way to “distract” your mind during anxiety/worry spirals.

It helps your brain step away from the negative thought patterns and instead focus on positive/beneficial thoughts.

Woman Journaling Her Thoughts Out


5. Make Healthy Choices


Healthy choices come in all shapes and sizes and are essential to bringing all of these pieces together.

For some, this means confronting an abuse problem and checking themselves into a drug rehab or drug addiction program for treatment.

For others, healthy choices can mean eating better and practicing self-care.

Improving your overall well-being is essential to building confidence as you can’t just “be” confident while battling addiction or being slowed down by greasy take-out.

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