Foods That Promote Digestive Health

6 Simple Steps to Improve Your Digestive Health

You might be amazed at how much you can improve your digestive health on your own!

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Your digestive health is linked with so many other aspects of your well-being.

Many people are unaware that their digestive health has a big impact on their mental well-being and energy levels.

The occasional stomach ache or digestive upset might not seem like a big deal, but these issues could bar hard on other body systems.

If you are interested in improving your digestive health, there are some simple steps that you can take that will make sure that you don’t struggle with digestive problems.

Caring for your gut biome is easier than you might think and can deliver impressive results for people of all ages.

Feeling better and living a happier and healthier life can be attainable if you attend to the health of your digestive system.

Let’s take a look at how you can do that.


Digestive Health: 6 Simple Ways To Care For Your Gut


1. Eat Whole Grains and Nuts


It’s not a secret that our digestive health is directly related to our diet.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a healthy diet for many people is dietary fiber.

This is one of the areas where the modern food supply is sorely lacking as well.

Most people are focused on getting enough vegetables and eating enough protein, but they forget about the essential fibers in healthy whole grains.

Products like nuts and whole grain bread are key for supporting healthy gut bacteria as well, which can improve digestion and make you feel much better on a daily basis.

If you have been eating white bread or pasta made with white flour, you could be opening your gut up to imbalances caused by the processed grains in these products.


2. Limit Sugars


Sugar has not only been linked with cancer, but it can also cause your gut biome to become upset and imbalanced.

Eating sugars in excess can lead to all kinds of health problems, from diabetes to increased blood pressure to digestive upset.

This is particularly true if you are eating processed foods that are full of added sugars.

Making sure to cut back on sugars in your diet can help support the right balance of gut flora in your body as well.

Excessive sugar in the diet can lead to the overproduction of candida, which has been clearly linked to all kinds of digestive health concerns.

Your doctors might suggest an anti-parasite, probiotic supplement like CanXida for candida treatment.


3. Take a Quality Probiotic


One of the best ways to support your digestive well-being is to take a daily probiotic.

There are many of these products that are sold in stores, but you need to be sure that you invest in a product that delivers enough strains of different bacteria.

Without diversity in your probiotic, you could be encouraging a different kind of imbalance within your gut biome.

Probiotics are a great way to prevent digestive upset when you travel, and they have also been linked with increased energy.

A healthy digestive tract can stave off depression, give your energy a boost, and help you to get back to eating foods that you were unable to enjoy due to digestive issues.

A quality probiotic can be the best way to make sure that your gut biome is thriving and is correctly balanced.

Person Takes Care Of Their Digestive Health


4. Cook Well-Rounded Meals


Modern life is busy.

It’s easy to justify to yourself that you just don’t have time to cook a balanced meal.

Many people find themselves grazing all day as they work at their desks or eating bits and pieces of a fully-balanced meal over the course of a few hours as time allows.

Fully balanced and well-rounded meals include protein, some healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates, and some starches if you are looking for an extra energy boost.

Eating some vegetables, some rice, and protein each meal can be easier than you might think.

If you take the time to plan in advance and do some meal prep, you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to get a few well-balanced meals each day.

Balanced Meal Example For Digestive Health


5. Maintain Your Hydration


Many of us are consistently dehydrated.

Between soda and coffee, many people are not getting any fluid intake that does not include sugars and sodium.

When you don’t drink enough water every day, you open yourself up to all kinds of digestive discomforts that can be avoided easily.

Adults should be drinking 4-6 cups of water per day.

If you are exercising, you will need to add more than this to make up for moisture lost to sweating.

Carry a water bottle with you to your desk or when you commute.

Make sure that you keep it full of fresh and clean water.

It is ideal to have a water bottle with a straw so that you can sip your water slowly over the course of the day.

You will be shocked at how much better you will feel just because you have been getting enough hydration each day.


6. Exercise Daily


Many people hear the word exercise and cringe, thinking about heading to the gym and sweating for an hour.

This is not the only way to add healthy movement to your daily routine, however.

Adding a gentle 15-minute walk to your daily routine after each meal can help you to feel better and to have an easier time digesting your food.

Exercise can also help clear the cobwebs and give your mind the break it needs to calm down.


Caring for Your Digestive Health is Key


Even if you haven’t been struggling with digestive health issues or feeling poorly, it’s never too soon to start caring for your digestive health.

Your overall well-being and your long-term health are closely linked with the health of your digestive system.

Caring for your GI health can help you to avoid gut health issues that can make every day very uncomfortable.

If you have never prioritized your gut health before, these tips will help you to get on track with ease.

Being sure to eat balanced meals and stay hydrated are great first steps.

Once you have these steps under control, consider adding a quality probiotic to your daily supplements as well.

You will find that these simple steps can make you and everyone else in your family feel better and have more energy every day.

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