5 Easy Ways To Organize a Small Bedroom

Updated on July 3, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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Is your bedroom small and you have no clue on how to organize it to maximize the space and keep everything tidy? You’ve landed in the right place! When I was living in a rented apartment, my room was so small that I was CONSTANTLY looking for ways to keep it organized and increase the amount of space I have. On this article, I’m sharing my favorite tips and tricks on how to organize your bedroom even if it’s super small.

Hint: you’ll need to get a little creative!


How To Organize a Small Bedroom

The first thing to do (before actually organizing your room) is to if there’s anything you can do to create a sense of more space (even if you don’t have it). There are two things you can do to make the room appear bigger:

  • Focus on lighting solutions

If your space is too dark, it can end up looking rather dull and not welcoming at all.
Opt for adding a few additional lighting solutions to create a sense of coziness and create an optical illusion of more space. With the right light, even the smallest place will look larger and more spacious.

If your room walls are dark and you have an option to repaint it – by all means do that. Milky white, creamy or even very light peach colors add optical spaceousness and make everything look cleaner.

  • Use a mirror

Adding a mirror can improve the appearance of any space and add an optical illusion of more space in the room. And the bigger the mirror – the more sense of extra space. Moreover, with a mirror in place, the light in the room will have more surfaces to reflect on and the whole setting will feel even more appealing.

Now, here’s how to organize the things you have!


1) Set up a bookshelf and double purpose it


A great trick related to organize a room no matter of its dimensions is to use a shelf for two distinct purposes. You can display your books on it and at the same time, you can mount a hanger below it to act as a clothing rack or key organizer. It is a win-win situation!

BON AUGURE Two Tier Floating Wall Shelves


2) Add a storage space under your bed


If you have a bed without storage space, you can create one. Use large baskets or boxes that fit nicely underneath. You can use this space to store items that you don’t use all the time or even fit in clean bed sheets if there’s no place for them around (just make sure to use well-sealed boxes for this!).

OnlyEasy Jumbo Under The Bed Organizer

Also, by removing items you don’t frequently use and placing them somewhere out of sight, the room will become neater and easier to manage.


3) The wall can become a storage space!


If you use your creativity, everything can be used as a tool for organizing your items. Your wall can be used for storage, too. All you have to do is install a multi-functional board on it depending on what you want to hang there. Keys, cards, pieces of paper or magazines – all of these can be stored clutter-free directly on your wall with a nice, organized command station.


You can get a beautiful and inexpensive grid wall on Amazon as there are tons of great variations to choose from. Here are some that I loved the most:

Pulatree Wire Wall Grid Panel

Kaforise Vinyl Dipped Wall Grid

Cevillo Stylish Wire Metal Wall Grid Panel


4) Keep an eye on your drawers


We tend to throw things in drawers without actually considering how to arrange them. A great way to have the most organized room is to use this space wisely. Learn to fold clothes in such a manner that you could store them in you drawers verticaly, like this:


Also, use drawer separators and organizers to keep your drawers 100% tidy as there’s nothing worse than cluttered or even jammed drawers.



5) Always place your clothes in the wardrobe


Don’t leave your clothes hanging around your room! This will only make the space look cluttered and unorganized. An essential tip on how to organize a room (and keep it organized!) is to store any clothing items you might have directly in your wardrobe. This will make it easier to find items when you need to get dresses or when you need to store freshly cleaned laundry.

Besides all these tips, you can always consider recycling or donating items that you don’t use anymore. In this way, you will keep your space clutter-free. In this way, reorganizing the space and keeping it clean at all times will be easier.

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