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Student Planner Printable By Shinesheets

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Every student has to deal with so much information that it’s just impossible to memorize it all without writing it down. But this Student Planner printable does so much more than help you remember!

Grab this minimalistic planner at the bottom of this page to: track your courses & grades, crush your exams, follow assignments, collect lecture notes, plan your study time + timetables, set student goals… This Free Student Planner has everything you need to crush your semesters with force!


Why Use a Printable Student Planner?


This free student planner printable will help you to go through your studies with less stress and keep your grades under control.  It’s perfect if you want to have a minimalistic, clutter-free system and track important information like:

  1. Semester overviews with course exams, grades, and your overall grade average;
  2. Course lists with basic course information like professor contacts + time & place of course lectures;
  3. Course overviews with test & exam trackers for every course;
  4. Course assignment trackers for every course;
  5. Weekly timetables with lectures to attend;
  6. Weekly study time planners;
  7. List of the books you need to get;
  8. Exam session progress;
  9. Yearly overviews;
  10. Your study goals;
  11. Lecture notes.

Take a look!

Free Student Planner Printable Pages: Study Time And Weekly Timetable


Free Student Planner Printable Pages: Goals, Books


Free Student Planner Printable Pages For Exam Session


Course Overview Free Student Planner Printable Pages


Basic Course Info Example In Free Student Planner Printable


Tips For Using This Free Student Planner Printable


  • Three beautiful note-taking templates (lined, squared, and ruled) are included – use them for any notes you like!
  • Print a few new pages every semester to keep your system going all year round.

Most importantly – use this planner to stay sane during your study years and be the girl who has everything under control.

Semester Overview Printable


Note Pages In Free Student Planner Printable Pages


Get This Student Planner Printable (yep, for free!)


… And no, we will not ask for your e-mail. Just a nice word to your friends about will suffice, heh!

Free Student Planner Printable by in size LETTER

Free Student Planner Printable by in size A4

*Personal use only, folks!

And that’s it! Have fun planning and staying on top of your academic achievements.

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