What To Do If You’re Being Fooled By Someone You Love

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Woman Sad Over The Fact Of Being Fooled By Someone She Loves

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One of the worst things you can do after being fooled by someone you love is to try to ignore it and pretend it never happened. This only makes it worse because you can’t find out the truth, you can’t move on, and you will feel angry and hurt. You may feel that you can’t live without your loved one, but living as a fooled one won’t solve anything.

Here are some tips to cope with being fooled by someone you care about.


Being Fooled By Someone You Love: a Few Rational Ways To Deal With It


1. Confront


If you are being duped by a lover, there are several things you can do to deal with such a difficult situation. The first thing you can do is to confront your loved one and tell them that you know. When you’re talking to someone you love, they will fidget or look away, and will probably try to change the topic. But asking directly is crucial.

Of course, you need to be prepared for this confrontation. It would help you to practice and prepare a speech. You can also practice speaking up to your loved one, and asking them to tell the truth.


2. Accept And Move On With Your Life


Another way to cope with being fooled by someone you love is to remember that you’re not the only one who can be duped by your loved ones. Things like that happen and you can also take a look at their past behavior and notice signs that you’ve missed. The next step is to accept the fact that even the people we love might not always be telling the truth. If you can’t get over it, don’t lose hope and move on to another person.


3. Forgive


Another option is to forgive your partner – only if they admit they’ve been fooling you and ask for forgiveness, of course. This can help you feel better about the situation, but it will be difficult to do alone. You can talk to a trusted friend about your feelings. This will give you the perspective you need to move forward. By talking to someone, you’ll be able to deal with being fooled by someone you love in a much healthier way.


4. Focus On Your Self-Worth


While you’re still in love with your partner, remember that it is not a good idea to be a fool for the sake of love. Rather, you should learn to recognize your partner’s feelings and try to understand why he/she is being dishonest. While it might be difficult to accept this, it’s important to not tolerate it. The consequences of being lied to will be significant and can affect your mental health. Focus on your self-worth, self-love, and self-care. The fact that someone fooled you did not affect any of these things. You’re still as worthy as you were before.


If You Suspect That You’re Being Fooled By Someone You Love…


Remind yourself that you didn’t know. In order to avoid being fooled by someone you love, you need to know the signs of it. It’s completely natural to not know them. It’s not your fault. No one expects their loved ones to trick them.

If you have noticed that something is not right:

  • Try to understand your partner’s reason for lying to you. You need to understand that he/she is not completely trustworthy and has a specific reason to be fooling you. It might not be even related to you as a person.
  • Don’t be too trusting. Unless you can see the evidence that you’re the wrong one, don’t trust your partner.
  • If your loved one has been fooling you, it’s best to keep your distance. If you are a victim of being fooled by someone you love, make safety your number one priority. You need to communicate with your loved one about your feelings, but be aware of the way they behave. If your partner has changed their behavior, this will be an indication that something isn’t right. Your partner may become cold or cranky and change their attitude. This might be a sign that they’re not in the right place.
  • Don’t leave until you know the facts. If he/she seems apathetic or even withdrawn you might be tempted to leave him/her. But it’s not a good idea to move on immediately. You have to be absolutely sure that you’re being fooled by someone you love before you make any big decision. Talking to people you trust can help you to figure everything out and make rational moves.

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