The Clarity Printable Planner Pack (7 Pages)


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Are you tired of being unorganized, late and unproductive? The Clarity Planner is a great helper when tackling all those things. Plan your time, activities, appointments and events in a chick planner, designed to help you become a better person – every day. Minimalistic, well structured, decorated with rose gold accents = love!




Plan your life and get organized today – don’t wait for your motivation to drop again! Tomorrow is a great day to start, but today is even better. Print your planner, grab some coffee and start planning your way to a more productive, more efficient, and calmer you. You got this!

○ Get tasks and out of your head and regain a feeling of control.

Confusion-free design – no unnecessary sections added.

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How to plan your life & become more organized with this planner


This bundle is chick and easy to use:

  • Simply print and start planning your day by filling your schedule and main tasks. You can use a simplified schedule page or more daily planner page which fits more information.
  • Spend a few minutes to plan your weekly tasks, appointments, and meals for the whole week. It allows you to fill daily planners even faster!
  • Use a monthly planner to highlight any important dates, birthdays, appointments and events.
  • The yearly planner is simple but so versatile! Print one for events & birthdays, another – for your goals or challenges.
  • The notes page is incredibly universal! Use it to collect any kind of information, mind-dump, doodles or ideas you need to memorize. Print a few extra and use them on your fridge, office desk, corkboard, and other places you need.

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