Lash Trends 2021: Fall/Winter Predictions

Updated on June 7, 2022 by Holly Barrow

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As summer draws to an end and the seasons begin to change, so do our wardrobes. Fall fashion allows for layers and cozy knitwear, while the arrival of winter is often synonymous with dusting off oversized coats and rummaging around for that trusty scarf. But how does our overall aesthetic change to coincide with colder months?

Makeup trends change year by year, but in a lot of ways, they also remain the same. When October rears its head, we’re more likely to reach for a darker, bolder lip color, and the classic smokey eye becomes a go-to. However, 2021 has seen the resurgence of the noughties aesthetic, with a ‘barely there’ base meeting a colorful, playful eye look. This has sparked new conversations surrounding what we might expect throughout fall and winter, particularly when it comes to the eyes!

Through the last few years, eyes have become the sole focal point of the face, leading many to play with creative looks to express themselves. So, what does this mean for lash lovers and lash technicians? How is the emergence of colorful, bold eye looks likely to carry on throughout the colder months, and which lash extensions will complement these trends? Here are our predictions!


Lash Trends 2021: Fall/Winter Predictions


1. Brown Lashes


Brown eyelash extensions are growing in popularity day by day. According to Google Trends, searches for ‘brown lash extensions’ are on an upward trajectory in the US – perhaps coinciding with the arrival of fall.

So why exactly is this style of lash likely to be so popular in the upcoming months? Well, those with a fairer complexion are likely to become even paler throughout the fall (goodbye sun!), and brown lashes are the perfect choice for those with a lighter skin tone.

Brown lashes provide a natural-looking enhancement – they aren’t quite as dramatic as black lash extensions. Similarly, they are undeniably autumnal, and what’s better than your lashes matching nature?

Woman With Brown Lashe


2. Colored Lashes


Colored lashes are also becoming increasingly popular! Not only are they perfect for festivals and fancy dresses, but they are also a great way to have fun with your style during the festive season. Asking your lash technician to incorporate some red and green lash extensions throughout your set can really enhance your look throughout the holidays – it’s the best way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Woman With Pretty Colored Lashes


3. Cat-eye Lashes


We all love a classic cat-eye look, whether created with eyeliner, lashes, or a combination of the two. Most recently, the ‘kitten’ liner trend is dominating, with celebs like Zoe Kravitz donning a more subtle, thinner flick than the traditional cat eyeliner. This is a more minimalistic spin on this ever-loved eye look.

To complement the kitten liner trend, cat-eye lash extensions are guaranteed to be popular this season. This lash look involves the lash tech applying shorter extensions to the front and inner corners of the eye, gradually becoming longer towards the outer corners of the eye, mimicking the shape of a winged liner and fluttering almost like a fan. *Clap clap*

Woman With Cat Eye Lashes


4. Mega Volume/volume


While a minimalistic, natural-looking brown lash look might be perfect for fall, winter calls for dramatic, bold lashes. Volume and mega volume lashes perfectly complement a smokey eye, making the eyes pop.

Woman With Full Voluminous Lashes

If you’re a fan of lash extension options, note that the mega volume lash look must be done with care by a trusted professional – if applied improperly, they can cause damage to the natural lashes and look excessive. However, in the right hands, mega volume lashes are stunning and are sure to draw attention to the eyes!

A mega volume fan uses over 6 lash extensions (sometimes up to 16!) with a diameter of 0.03 to 0.05 mm. On the other hand, a volume fan is made up of between 2 to 5 extensions with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.07 mm. As you can see, there can be quite a big difference between these two types of lash sets, however, both are equally as beautiful when done correctly!


5. Wet Look


Finally, another lash look set to be popular throughout fall/winter 2021 is wet look lashes. This style works with closed fans, creating the illusion of wet lashes through their beautiful, textured appearance.

It’s ideal for creating the ‘Kim K’ lash look and is becoming frequently requested throughout the lash world.

We hope these predictions get you as excited as we are for fall and winter – as much as we love the fluttery lash looks of summer, we can’t wait to play with some dramatic styles!

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