How to Celebrate This Years’ Romance Awareness Month Under Coronavirus Restrictions

Updated on August 7, 2020

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Remember those carefree days, when all that was hanging in the air was love? Well, this summer, love has to share its space with an unwanted intruder — the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus. Due to its outbreak and the pandemic that ensued, the majority of the world’s population has been under lockdown and severe restrictions that have completely turned the way we interact with other people upside down.

Outside of exposing the obvious shortcomings of the public health systems in most countries across the world, one of the areas of human activity that has been affected the most by COVID-19 is romance. Some people have been brought closer together due to the shelter-in-place orders, but for a lot of people, being stuck indefinitely under the same roof as their significant other has brought conflict and anger to their relationships.

Blogs like Survive Divorce and relationship advice forums on Reddit and other similar platforms have experienced significant traffic increases, as people seek ways to alleviate the animosity that has sprung up between them and their partners in these trying times, with a reported increase in divorce rates after a few months of continued lockdown.

There is no better time to stop and ponder upon the nature of your own relationship and the connection with your significant other than August. It is the Romance Awareness Month, after all, and the ongoing situation is forcing everybody to celebrate it in a plethora of unusual ways. If you struggle to stay romantic even in normal circumstances, keep reading to get some tips and suggestions about celebrating this month with your partner, and keeping the flame of your love alive and well.

How to Celebrate This Years’ Romance Awareness Month Under Coronavirus Restrictions


Show Appreciation With Tiny Gestures


With large, elaborate date plans out of the question, you will need to show appreciation and love for your significant other in a different manner. One of the easiest, and yet most effective ways to reassure your lover of your strong feelings towards them is to express those in little gestures and acts of kindness.

Very simple, almost ordinary thins, such as frequent hugs and check-ins during the day can go a long way in reaffirming your love for each other. Be sure to tell your partner that you love them at least once a day, and back that up with gestures such as waking them up with a warm cup of coffee to get them ready for another dull day of home office work, or celebrating their successes, regardless of how small and insignificant they may seem to you. Just noticing their efforts can have a significant impact on the quality of your relationship, not only during August but for years to come.


Reach for the Heart… Through the Stomach


This is not a subtle way of suggesting that you should encourage your partner to sign up for a colonoscopy, but rather a reiteration of the old adage saying that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Of course, this logic applies to women as well! There is not a single person on the face of this planet that would not enjoy their favorite meal served up to them by the person they love most in the world.

Not only is cooking for your partner a surefire way to get them in a good mood, but it will also make you happy to see them gobbling up whatever dish it was that you prepared for them. Another great practice that can bring the two of you closer together is cooking and baking together. Aside from adding flour and other ingredients to the explosive mixture of chemicals that are already in the air, it makes for a fun activity that will enhance your communication and cooperation skills, which make up for the foundation of any relationship.


Date Night Out in Nature


With fancy restaurants, movie theaters, comedy clubs, and all of the other usual date activities unavailable or severely restricted, it might be a good idea to turn to Mother Nature for inspiration regarding the planning of your dates. There are plenty of things you can do together that involve going outside and reconnecting with the natural world.

The first thing that will probably come to your mind is a picnic, whether on the beach or a park. It might seem a little overdone, but in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, any occasion to get out of the house and enjoy yourselves is an exciting and unique opportunity. Additionally, you can combine it with preparing the picnic basket together at home for the ultimate Romance Awareness Month experience.

Don’t limit yourself to date nights as the only times you spend time outdoors with your partner. Partake in physical activity with them — running or biking with a loved one is twice the fun, not to mention the valuable vitamin D you’ll both be taking in when spending time in the sun, which can work wonders for your immune systems!




Romance is all about mutual appreciation and making the most out of your time together. There is no right or wrong way to go about celebrating Romance Awareness Month, especially during the lockdown. If you’re the type of couple who likes to stay in, watching Netflix and cuddling all day, then by all means — go for it. In fact, just enjoying each other’s company during the most mundane days can sometimes be as romantic as it gets. Just remember to take your partner’s feelings into account and let them pick something to watch at least once in a while!

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